Everyone has their own "go-to" color(s). This preference varies from person to person and are usually based upon things such as: a color's ability to coordinate with the majority of one's wardrobe, one's liking of light or dark shades, brights or pastels, warm or cool and how well a particular color compliments our skin tone. The point is where there are options, again, there is preference. Hell, some colors just look so damn good on, you release your inner Beyoncè! Here's a list of the top 5 colors I cannot live without - everything else can go. 

BlackWhiteShades of GreenBlushBurgundy/Bordeaux

Now that you know my faves, I would love to hear what colors you absolutely cannot live without! Click the link Here for a quick & easy wardrobe color guide. Until next post... XOXO #BloggerBaes

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