Oh hey, let me introduce myself 😎

13th of July 2020

Well this is my first ever blog post… so hey there 💁

I’ve never been a big talker, I’ve always let my art do the talking. 

But here’s my chance to just talk about me, and I’m not going to lie, I'm kinda pumped. 


My name is Tzipora (in case you’re having trouble with that, it’s like Sephora with a “Tz” sound).

I’m Russian, Jewish, a little bit Italian, and live in Brooklyn N.Y. 

Sarcastic Capricorn, with a really cute collection of mini bags ;) 

Number one thing I’m going to do when it’s safe to? Take the subway to Manhattan.


I’ve worked at some well known fashion brands including the celebrated Club Monaco, and ALIX NYC.

My most recent job? Working as an Artist at Verrier Handcrafted, a brand creating handcrafted

paper products, with a touch of neon and kissed with glitter. 

That’s the job that truly reminded me of my deep connection with art. Art is seriously my therapy.

Now I am a Freelance Fashion Illustrator, and working on the launch of my clothing brand (more about that later 😎).


Like many others, I found myself unemployed. So with all the new time on my hands, I began dabbling

in Adobe Illustrator (shout out to Atara, my friend who became my mentor in all things Illustrator 👏).

Over the last few months I worked on my skills, started getting clients, and found myself feeling really

fulfilled. It has always been my priority to do what I love, and now I feel as though I am getting closer

to that everyday. 

But my biggest dream? I save the best for last. 

Launching a workwear brand for fierce women who want to make a statement at work.

My mission? To create pieces that make women feel true to themselves; fun, vibrant, and a true boss.

You know who you are ;)

Featuring the talented Sarah B. Kamsin below in The Button Down, my very first sample.

A great big thank you for posing for me and absolutely rocking this look.

Feel free to be friends and follow my journey for some cool workwear looks, art, and strong women I’m inspired by @three_by_zito

Talent: @sarahbkamsin

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