28th of September 2020

Hey Everyone!!

This project that I will show you is one of my first ever collection I had made that I felt the most proudest. the collection is called 'FREEDOM'. 

My hope and desire and dream are to one day be a respected fashion designer. In this collection, I wish to reflect on how my humble background growing up in India inspires my ambition, how challenging projects I have undertaken and how work experiences I have had motivates me to pursue fashion as my future career and how above everything else I value freedom. My family moved to London from India as my father wanted to give us a better opportunity in life. Besides having to learn an entirely new language when I was seven, I struggled the most – felt guilty even, that I was living in amazing London. To further complicate things, I come from a conservative Muslim family whose aspirations about me are very different to what I want in life. I respect my parents’ courage for allowing me at that time to study fashion at college. It was at that moment that I realised that I needed to take every opportunity to be the best at what I do. Now, as I face the prospect of my adult life ahead of me, I realise the importance of staying focussed, committed to what I love doing and above everything else, making sure that whatever I do is meaningful; so that moving to the UK is meaningful. Some people say that failure is OK and that you learn from mistakes, but for me, failure is hard because of the tough journey I have had to undertake. “Freedom” is a recurring theme in my work. I think it comes from both my strict background and desire to “create things”. My Indian heritage is very important to me and inspires me no end about the possibilities that exist in decoration and design. In college, my tutor challenged me to use skills my mother taught me to create concepts for a contemporary fashion audience. After researching about contemporary Indian designers like Manish Arora and Ashish, I developed new ways of working. Instead of embroidering flowers (“freedom”) on a coat which would have been predictable, I created and cut by hand hundreds of water bottles to create decorative flowers for my final major project. Being obsessive by nature, I created two further experimental versions using acetate to create a new-texture fringe and geometric beadwork to create surface interest. They were WOW pieces that impressed all my tutors and was included in the college fashion show.

My FMP represents my “freedom” – my Indian heritage mixed with my new home in Britain, this freeway of working to show the contemporary British Asian designer, I want to be.

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