i actually googled "who am i" while writing this.

i am here at BFROW because i am different. i am a creative. someone who doesnt follow the norms and purposely turned my auto-correct off so my i's and beginning of sentences stay lowercased. i like to venture outside the norm and find different paths on trailheads that havent been traveled enough. i like to see the world through different lenses (camera joke), different perspectives, different ways to go about this world. i value myself and my perspectives. but i dont see my perspectives as above anyone else, i dont see myself above anyone else. skill level. experience. job title. views. skin color. religion. faiths. i am not above anyone else. i am equal to everyone else. because i am a creative. because we, as creatives, see the world different. because we, as creatives, make the world different. and i didnt need google to answer that for me, (or siri...or bixby if you own a samsung.)

i am a creative. i am a photographer. i am a editor. i am an equal.

i am a creative.


and that's why i am here on BFROW. a place i can connect, network, and create with others? when doing that on your own is hard enough. this is the place that makes it easy. that can help me learn from other, experience other views, and create something more than something visual. help create the best me.

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