Oh my God! It is happening... It is officially my first blog post in life. It took me 24 years to start it. Thanks to BFROW and coronavirus ( the most googled word in 2020, I will use it to raise my SEO jk). I have never been much of a writer, even at school, I had the worst marks for the essays. I guess teachers just didn't see much of my hidden talents—anyway, congrats to me for my first blogpost [sounds of opening champagne bottle].

Back to business. How is your 2020 going, guys? Weeeeird, I agree. I had so many expectations for that year. And now? All the plans crushed, idea to build a perfectly lean body, and to become a marathon athlete was killed by the endless chocolate bars, popcorn, and never-stopped Netflix series. But who is guilty of ruining my life? High-expectations, false values, or coronavirus (i said i gonna use this word lol)? No, that's you, Sofia, and just you. And you know why?

Happiness. Is it a goal? Is it an award? Is it something we are all dreaming for? I guess not. Happiness is a state. We all should find it in every second. In every second of taking a new breath, opening and closing eyes, in every original thought and memory, every feeling and perception of your own body.

So my receipt of happiness for 2020 is very simple. It does not matter what is going on in the world right now; does not matter what your plans and ideas you have yourself at this moment were, you have this moment, you are this moment.

Think about it. Feel this happiness; it is much closer than you think.

Love, S.

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