Feed Your Logomania Obsession with These Trends

Feed your logomania obsession with these trends, because unlike most trends, logomania looks and is, regenerative. It just won’t die. Words everywhere, in mixed fonts, at weird angles. We recently have noticed young consumers favoring minimalism and patterns of brandless design. So, what will you shop for this season? 

Bucket Hats

Yes, bucket hats are officially cool again. They happen to be one of this year’s biggest fashion trends, thanks to endorsements from the likes of Burberry, Prada, and Fendi. The style isn’t just on the runway - but all over the street. It adds a dose of cool and casualness into whatever outfit you’re wearing, so it’s no surprise how often they are seen on bloggers and celebs. 

Classic Tees

Call it high fashion or call it a pointed critique of the ridiculousness of retail - this style trends remains undetermined, but it’s certainly in the heat right now thanks to their high price tags and use of the logos. In terms of essentials, you can't do much better than a great T-shirt. 


Shoes occupy a similar place in a fashion-lover's heart as handbags.

They fit you no matter what, they can elevate an otherwise dull outfit and they are often masterpieces in creativity and craftsmanship. Guys are now spending more money than ever on what they wear...thanks to sneakers. A handful of the top brands are climbing the rankings, and they owe it all to—you guessed it—sneakers. So, if you want to invest your hard-earned money in a pair that you won't regret buying come next season, you've come to the right place…

Ball Bags 

Can't wait for summer? If you're ready for the beach no matter what time of year, then you'll want to know about these fashion-forward handbags, including the Chanel Beach Ball Bag. These investments is great for those looking for something unique to carry around. Though just a newcomer to Louis Vuitton’s rich collections of handbags, the Egg Bag has been lauded by many fashion critics and lovers alike as a “stir” for its peculiar, avant-garde egg-like exterior.


Mens Harnesses

What in the name of fashion is going on? Celebs and athletes alike have been wearing such extreme statements to award shows or NBA games, pushing loud men’s fashion into the mainstream. Is he harness the next big thing for guys? Will your old college buddy opt for one at his wedding? Can you expect your cousin to rock one on prom night? Well, if your college buddy knows the word "couture" and your nephew is really into the streetwear-meets-high-fashion scene that catapulted Abloh into the menswear stratosphere... maybe. 

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