Trip to Scotland and Ireland

Karen Or
2019-07-18 08:17:40/

Last week I flew to visit my parents and brother in Edinburgh, Scotland and it was amazing! I must say, I didn’t know what to expect before I went but when I got there I was blown away by the beauty of the city. The architecture is very medieval and the city looks like what you would imagine the Harry Potter books to look like. The trip was spent two days in Edinburgh and then two days in Dublin. Here is a short summary of what we did:

Day 1: I met my parents at the airport and we took a cab to the apartment. My brother’s wife found the cutest Airbnb on Hannover street which is right in the center of the city. We spent the day walking around Princes street doing some shopping and buying groceries. It gets dark there really late, like at about 10:30 pm so its nice to go out in the evening,

Day 2: We went to visit the Edinburgh castle in the morning, and I must say it felt a little bit like Disneyland there were so may people there! We walked up what is called the “Royal Mile” and which connects between the castle and another landmark. The castle itself was beautiful and really interesting to learn about the history of it. The view is also stunning. In the afternoon we took a walking food tour which was awesome! We hopped from bar to bar with a guide trying out local foods like Hages and stew. In the evening we went to eat fish and chips at a local bar. The fish was huge! I could only eat about a quarter of it:)

Day 3: We planned to walk around the old city and then have tea. Actual teatime with the little sandwiches and cookies like in the movies:) We had tea in a place called the Dome which was absolutely stunning! I think its a hotel and its shaped like a dome, its absolutely beautiful inside and the tea itself was really fancy and fun. After that, we had reservations at a restaurant called the Kitchin which was sooo good. I have never eaten so much food before but every course was better than the next that my tummy hurt in the end but it was worth it.

Days 4 and 5: On Saturday we had to say goodbye to my brother, his wife and daughter and we flew to Dublin. Once we arrived to Dublin we put our bags down at the hotel and just started walking around the city. I must say I was surprised how modern the city was compared to Edinburgh, it seemed like more of a European city and there were people of all different types. Also, the girls there are so stylish! They are all wearing stuff that was on trend and their makeup was flawless. Dublin is also where I did most of my shopping because the stores were just so good. All of those small brands you see on Asos had actual stores in Dublin like River Island, New Look, Warehouse and more. I’ll do a Dublin shopping haul soon on my Youtube channel so I can show you everything I bought from there:)

Hope I gave you some helpful info for your next trip to Scotland or Ireland and if you have any questions or comments feel free to message me or drop a line below. Have a great weekend! xx

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