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2019-06-01 18:49:08/

I'm just back from Corfu, Greece & I've got a new travel hack that I've been itching to share!

If you're new to The Haute Brunette, here's the deal... I love to travel!

I spent nearly 3 months traveling last year, I visited 22 cities and 7 countries. (read my 2016 travel countdown here)

Within the last few months, I've been to Paris, Barcelona, Greece & I've got a ton more planned for this summer.

I'm not listing this to brag, I don't have some crazy budget to use on travel. I am actually really cheap when it comes to spending on travel & that's how I've been able to visit many places.

So, that's why I want to share & inspire travel in your lives!

I'm no fool, I know what my life must look like. Social media has a very powerful way of making everything look glamorous.

Curated photos and 10 second video snaps are an incredible catalyst for letting the imagination run wild & fill in the gaps.

Sergio and I laugh about it all the time... I bet half of my readers / followers think I sit around eating bon-bons while he's out making money to spoil me. I'll be the first to tell you, he'd leave my ass if our lives were remotely like that!

The point is, I'm a hustler and I am allllll about a good deal!!!

Let's recap from my Barcelona post...

"When planning your next trip, search airports within a few hours from your destination, even if it's in a different country."

(read the full post here)

Earlier this year, I flew to Madrid, took a 2 hr train to Barcelona and then went from Barcelona to Paris. I got to spend one day in Madrid & two days in Barcelona. If I flew strait to Paris, which was the goal, my ticket would have cost $1,500 each way!!! I spent like $500 each way instead.

I looked for cities nearest to my final destination and compared the prices.

My next tip is the same concept but it's not about close proximity.

Here it is...


It's incredibly easy and inexpensive to get from place to place once you're overseas. Once you get there, you're only a few hours and $100 or less away from getting to where you want to go.

I couldn't really use the tip from my last post to book my trip to Greece because even getting to cities nearest to the island of Corfu is a fucking trek & expensive.

So, I googled easiest routes to Corfu from across the pond and discovered that flying to Corfu from the United Kingdom is a very common, inexpensive flight. If you just search New York to Corfu, it's about $1,800 round trip.

I knew I just needed to get to the UK and then book separately from there.

I searched for flights from New York to the UK & came up on a ton of flights from NYC to Gatwick, London for under $400.

$338 to be exact... BOOKED!

Then, I searched from Gatwick to Corfu and found many non-stop flights for $100 or less.

$78 to be exact... BOOKED!

All together, I spent about $800 round trip & I booked all 4 legs at different times which helped to break up the spending.

If you're spending a few hundred here and there, spread out, it's much more manageable to make these great trips a part of your routine.

I hope this helps! It's not too late to book a trip... I am on Kayak right now about to book a flight to Naples, Italy for $276!!!!

PS... get the full details on my ultimate travel hacker guide here.


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