This past Thanksgiving break, my family and I took a visit to Napa Valley, California. Man oh man it was gorgeous. We stayed at Las Alcobas, the cutest boutique hotel in St. Helena. One of my favorite towns was Yountville, this is where the famous Bouchin Bakery is. Spending around 2 full days there was plenty in my book, the wine tastings tend to start blending together and everything just tastes the same. It was a beautiful quick vacation for the family. Despite the struggle at the end with a 8-hour delay back home. All in all the vacation was a hit! Napa Valley is a gorgeous place to visit if you are wanting to stay here right in the United States. My favorite winery was Artesa, a beautiful one up on a hill looking over the valley. Another one of my favorites was Swanson winery. A cute local family-owned winery that photographed very well. 

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