Charmed By Charleston: What To Do & See

My sister and I recently visited Charleston for a little getaway. We both absolutely fell in love with the city, and may or may not already be talking about going back soon! Charleston is home to so many locally-owned restaurants and shops, beautiful waterfronts and the cutest houses you’ll ever see. However, there is a lot to choose from, so I wanted to put together a mini travel series based on what we loved the most during our stay (and it’s all so photo-worthy, which is always a huge bonus)!

In today’s post, I’m talking all about the best things to do + see in Charleston…

1. Sullivan’s Island: This one is fresh in my mind because it was our first stop! I don’t think I’ve ever seen an ocean more peaceful…we went on a slightly cloudy day, so it was perfect for photos and there were very few people out! The beach spans for quite a bit, so you can walk down pretty far (there’s a few points of entry via boardwalk, and free parking in the downtown area which is super nice). I haven’t been to the beach in years, so it was the best start to our trip, and I didn’t ever want to leave!

2. Rainbow Row: I don’t think there’s anything more Charleston-iconic than Rainbow Row. I mean, how cute are these houses?! Living in one of these is pretty much my fantasy! The afternoons/weekends can be a little bit crazy here (who doesn’t want a picture?!), so I would recommend going in the morning if possible! Plus, the houses look so cute in the sunshine!

**Want a little extra fun? Tour the city on one of these cute bikes from Affordabike. Their shop is centrally located on King Street, and they seriously have the nicest staff…we rented our bikes for the entire afternoon, and it was the perfect way to cover lots of ground, cool off and get some fun pictures. And let me just tell you, riding a bike in a dress is no joke haha!

3. Shem Creek Waterfront: This was probably one of our favorite finds. I haven’t seen Shem Creek on many travel guides, so I think it’s a hidden gem in Charleston – if you’re wanting to watch a beautiful sunset view, eat from a waterfront restaurant and see lots of cool boats, this is your place. There are bunches of restaurants surrounding the water (pick the porch seating!), and a long boardwalk that has THE best view at golden hour. If you go around 6pm you might even see some dolphins following the boats, which is so fun! We came two nights in a row because we loved it so much!

4. Timothy Ford’s House: And this is where all of your wisteria dreams will come true! This is actually a house we stumbled upon while cruising through the town, and we immediately stopped to check it out. I can’t tell you how many pictures I’ve seen of this place, and I am so happy we found it! There’s a cute little historic home on the left, and then tall black gates covered in the most beautiful lavender wisteria to the right. It’s a great place for a quick photo-op!

5. The French Quarter District: I don’t see how anyone could ever get tired of seeing cute houses with flower boxes and brightly colored walls. And if you would…don’t go to Charleston haha! This little neighborhood has bunches of palm trees, distressed brick, colorful shutters + flower boxes. And you can’t beat these all-white houses that are the perfect backdrop for crazy-patterned outfits!

6. Waterfront Park: This is a beautiful community area along the Cooper River. If you visit on a weekend, there will be lots of families, dog walkers and bikers, which makes for such a fun atmosphere! This pineapple fountain is down near the middle gardens, and if you walk down the pier, there is an amazing view of the ocean (it is extremely windy though, so not too great for pictures haha!). I also loved all of the palm trees and flowers down near the park…the spring is such a gorgeous time to visit!

Have you been to Charleston? If so, what was your favorite location?

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