You guys know I am a major advocate of sunless tanning. I'm allll about a solid spray tan, I just die for that glowy, bronzed skin.

BUT... life happens. There are times when I hardly have enough hours in the day to keep my life from derailing, let alone re-up on my spray tan.

There are those few crucial days where you have to make a decision - get a new spray tan or remove it so you can avoid left over splotches.

Per usual, I had no time to get a spray before my trip to Spain. I had one a week and a half prior to take-off and I didn't want to be poolside with spots everywhere.

To avoid a case of the spots, I removed my tan quickly (literally 2 hours before leaving for the airport) & had silky smooth, tan free skin when I boarded my flight.

To accomplish a successful tan removal, you must use products containing some sort of oil or coarse exfoliant. DON'T use any of these products or similar products while you are trying to maintain your tan. Oils & scrubs will remove it immediately or leave you looking patchy.

I used 6 products to remove my tan. I recommend all of them! However, products with similar ingredients will work just fine.

This is like a 10-15 minute process so I turned the shower head towards the wall and planted myself on the shower floor to get comfortable. The products need to be resting on your skin for more than a few seconds so make sure the shower head is turned away.

1. Get a body scrubber, loofah, whatever. You will need this to help you scrub, your hands aren't good enough for this task.

You should have one in your shower all the time for exfoliating but, I'm a psycho when it comes to scrubbers because they hold A LOT of bacteria. So, don't buy just any kind.

The one I use is antibacterial & I have been using the same exact mitt for 5 years, it's that good. Normal scrubbers you need to dispose of frequently. I swear by it. Everyone I've ever lived with ended up buying one, my parents have one, old roommates and even an ex-boyfriend recently contacted me to ask what the brand was so he could buy a new one.

I use this mitt by Supracor. I actually worked for a company that sold this product YEARS ago so, I was very familiar with the product. Hands down, it's the best $30 I ever spent. I also use their facial sponge which is antifungal, antibacterial and allergen free.

2. Apply an oil based body wash to your scrubber and give yourself a nice base wash, just like you would on any normal day. This will just take off the surface tan that can easily be removed. I use Korres Olive Oil Body Wash. I love anything with olive oil in it. I also wrote about their brightening mask, which I LOVE, here.

Be more thorough than usual. Take your time.

Again, if you are trying to maintain a spray tan, don't use oil based cleansers or your tan will come off sooner.

3. Body scrub time! Get yourself a coarse exfoliant. I highly recommend a coffee scrub because it stays coarse the entire time it's on your body. And you need time for this.

Salt & sugar scrubs dissolve almost immediately upon getting wet. For this, it's not a good option. You need something that lasts.

I am OBSESSED with Frank Body Coffee Scrub. Not only is it an amazing exfoliant, but caffeine tightens the skin and helps make cellulite less noticeable. Win, Win!

I highly recommend this scrub in particular because Frank Body scrubs have essential oils in them.

It's literally made up of oils and coffee & you need as much oils and scrubbing as you can get your hands on, so this scrub is a game changer.

Literally pile this on your skin and scrub, scrub, scrub, scrub until you can't go on.

Seriously. Go hard and take your time. At least, 5 minutes.

I actually dab a little of this on my face, like a mask (no scrubbing since it's too rough for the face), and let it sit so my face can soak in the caffeine and oils.

4. This part is my favorite. Use a shower oil. Strangely, this is a new concept for me. I love oil everything but I never considered using a shower oil before. I use Rituals Sakura Shower Oil & it works like charm!

So, after you finish all that hard coffee scrubbing, lather on a shower oil and scrub, scrub, scrub some more. The oil will help lift any leftover tan.

At this point, you should notice a major difference.

zero spray tan here - just Jergens

5. Next, you MUST moisturize from all that harsh exfoliation. There is a chance you will still have light spots on your body. Picking an oil based moisturizer will help lift the rest of the tan.

My best advice is to mix an oil based moisturizer with one of those lotions that has a gradual self tanner in it. This will help you achieve a natural glow and blend in any leftover spots.

Here's what I do... (I am a total witch doctor & I mix everything together)

In a separate bottle, I mix Frank Body - Body Balm (which is literally just plain oil - it's heavenly) & Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisturizer.

I applied this day and night and I had GLOWING skin throughout my entire trip with no faux tanner on my skin except for the Jergens.

After this process, my skin has never been more smooth and tight, it's 100% becoming a normal part of my routine.

You don't need to be removing a tan to achieve the best exfoliation ever!


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