The Freshest Trends in Streetwear Around the World

For some, streetwear is the product of life on the street, a representation of a specific, independent culture. For others, it’s just another form of consumption. It is now common to see a pair of sneakers and hoodies on the runways of Paris as it is to find them court-side at a ball game. The best part about this fashion revolution? You can choose comfort and convenience at the same time. To help you gain a better perspective of streetwear, we rounded up the freshest streetwear trends from across the world. That said, keep scrolling.


  • Although it’s easy to think of Chanel and Balmain as the city’s leading labels, France has been the birthplace to many hidden streetwear gems and owns a long heritage of haute couture, boutiques, and streetwear. Today, the tradition lives on as streetwear labels and contemporary menswear imprints are upholding Paris’ status as the heart of global streetwear. 


  • Germany has been the home to some of the world’s biggest sports brands, such as Adidas and Puma, and its capital has an especially strong, contemporary approach to streetwear designs. From eyewear to trainers, Berlin offers a wide array of concept stores with a variety of designers and stylists to suit all streetwear needs. Discover our top freshest streetwear looks in the city. 


  • In a country like Nigeria that is heavily influenced by pop culture, streetwear has grown legs with young Nigerian designers creating lines which reflect our own diverse culture. As more genuine urban fashion brands are beginning to spring up in the fashion scene, Nigeria has further cemented its status as one of the epicenters of authentic street style. 

New York

  • New York City is full to the brim with stylish inspiration, and the place where Supreme’s true roots lie. Just take a stroll down any of its streets and it's easy to see where young, hustling designers find muses for their clothing. It's the intersection of hip-hop, high fashion, and a cultural melting pot, making it home to some of the best streetwear brands right now. The blend of brands and personalities each store maintains in the big apple drives the energy of the customers to continue to support them. 

Los Angeles

  • The West Coast is the ideal city when it comes to streetwear with much of the aesthetic deriving from L.A. street style—Cortez’s from the swap meet, workwear chinos from the Army shop, and Major League baseball caps from the local liquor store. Overall, the warm weather allows for Tees to be worn year-round, and avenues like Melrose, Fairfax, and La brea have all been the destination for the youth culture interested in skateboarding, hip-hop, and street culture. 


  • There’s no denying that Russian and Eastern European designers have played a part in streetwears success by blurring the boundaries between high and low in fashion with the so-called “post-Soviet aesthetic”. With Gosha Rubchinskiy introducing the movement and a host of exciting young brand’s rising from the former capital of the Soviet Union, Moscow’s streetwear and fashion scene is most certainly on the rise. 

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