S/2020 Style Essentials: Your Guide to Your Streetwear Starter Kit

9th of June 2020

Streetwear is making more and more waves in the fashion industry with luxury brands producing streetwear focused collections on the runway and up-and coming design houses giving their reworked view on how high fashion and streetwear comes together. Brands like Off-White, Supreme, Fear of God, Kith, Fenty, and Pyer Moss are taste makers of this generation. They have the notoriously known rocking their threads and sitting front row at their shows (when outside was a thing). We have all liked, shared, and reposted the content from streetwear focused platforms, influencers, and even our friends. We literally can’t get enough of it! Streetwear has even infiltrated corporate culture, especially in the fashion and creative industries, with sneakers in the boardroom and tracksuits for couch zoom calls. 

Although we wish we could double tap our favorite items to our closets from Instagram, the reality is that we have to search for each item and that can become very overwhelming. With us being on a stay at home order for the last 3 months in Los Angeles, we are limited to shopping online. Butttt… Our friend the world-wide web can be your genie in a bottle if you rub her the right way! HAHA! (If you didn’t laugh, it’s ok. I did!) 

Want to put your best “sneaker forward” for effortless streetwear looks that won’t break the bank? I’m all about saving a dollar or two, How about you? Don’t know where to start? Here are the 5 style essentials for your summer streetwear starter kit from me, LA based Wardrobe Stylist Carnita Nicole.


Some camp out at stores, enter lotteries for coveted releases, or have the infamous "sneaker plug" while others shop retail and even off-price to get their hands on sneakers. Whatever your preference, the sneaker is the start of any streetwear enthusiast outfit. My favorite shoe of all time is the High-Top Jordan 1. This shoe has every colorway you could think of while being one of the hardest styles to get at retail price. The High-Top Jordan 1 retails at about $120 - $170. Resale from sites like Stockx.com & Flightclub.com range from about $200 - $2,000 on this style. One great thing about this sneaker is that it’s available in low, mid, & high top varieties. Not to mention, it's arguably the most comfortable Jordan sneaker. So, if you aren’t able to get toes in a mid or high top Jordan 1, they have the low-top sneaker for about $90 retail. 

Shop Jordan 1 styles from WSS here!

I got my first pair of Jordan 1 Mids for a birthday gift to myself this year and It’s literally my favorite sneaker purchase so far! I can’t wait to elevate my streetwear looks with this sneaker. I picked up my sneakers curbside at WSS, here in Los Angeles but you can shop online while sizes last. Jordan 1’s are so coveted by the sneaker community that all I can say is good luck guys!


The basic jogger is needed in everyone’s closet but this item is essential in your streetwear starter kit. I remember the days when you could go inside Walmart for a pair of Hanes or Fruit of the Loom sweatpants for about $5 - $8…Let’s not talk about the past or I’ll start to question my last 10 purchases. I digress, Lol. JOGGERS! My most recent purchase of joggers are from PLT, better known as, Pretty Little Thing. This well-known, UK-based brand has taken over the US & UK female influencer-sphere so, its hard not to see content directly or indirectly from the brand. But that’s not a bad thing for shoppers when their go to brand has weekly 40-50% off weekend sales. PLT has a variety colors, styles, and fabric options for their joggers so, you couldn’t get bored if you tried. 

Shop my PLT joggers here!

For your streetwear starter kit, its best for build on basics. Start with black, gray, white, navy, tan, then move into color and prints. Joggers from PLT fit true to size, so size up for a more relaxed/styled look. Prices for joggers range from $14 - $38, so you can save a coin or two or buy more within your budget! I purchased the Black Casual Jogger for $38 retail during a 50% off sale. 


Remember that streetwear is built on mainly comfort and style. Comfortable shorts are key to keeping it casual but cool during the summer months. But don’t let the heat hold your style back or IG make you think you have to have those $1,400 Louis Vuitton Bermuda Shorts even though they are super cute as a gift! Don’t worry…You can turn heads on dimes, honey! My new favorite basic shorts are from… drumroll please… Amazon!

Shop these staple item shorts from Amazon here!

We have all had to get creative in the search for clothes with apparel stores closed during the pandemic. Quarantine has sent me into the depths of Amazon and there isn’t much you can’t buy on this massively stocked site, unless you were looking for Lysol wipes. I recently went looking for basic shorts to pair with t-shirts and jerseys for summer. I wanted an elastic waistband gym short. I was lucky enough to find a really comfortable, great length, relaxed short that comes in multiple colors on the first try. This lightweight fleece short is soft without being too warm for summer. Here is really good streetwear style essential item for only $9.99! Um, yes please!


When shopping for your streetwear starter kit essential tees, fit is everything. Go one  size up from your regular sizing but, don’t get swallowed by your tee. You should look relaxed but not like you are going to bed, lol. As a rule of thumb, you always want to have your basic cotton white, black, and gray solid tees as a foundation. Where do you get tees that aren’t see-thru, you ask? Uniqlo! For men and women, Uniqlo is a go-to retailer for basic styles with quality garments. They have a wide spread of sizes ranging from xxs to 3xl and have 6 colors in men's and 10 color options in women's. Get a quality basic oversized tee for $14.90 in men's and women's.  Don’t worry, you can shop online!

Get this cotton men's crewneck oversized tee from Uniqlo!

Shop the Women’s Boxy Crewneck here!s

Band & music artist tees, concert tees, vintage football & basketball tees, racing tees, movies & tv show tees, minimal text, and any 90’s streetwear brand tees are the go to aesthetic to achieve your effortlessly styled look. If you are unfamiliar with some of those brands, here is a list of a few 90’s streetwear brands where a lot of their successors draw inspiration: 

·                    Karl Kani

·                    Starter

·                    Cross Colours

·                    Sean John

·                    FUBU

·                    Tommy Hilfiger

·                    Iceberg

·                    Rocawear

·                    Echo Unlimited

It was pretty hard to get your hands on an oversized tee from some of our favorite 90’s brands until Karl Kani rereleased the brand with signature tees and new styles. Pieces from these brands turn heads because they are so nostalgic and were at the forefront of streetwear in the 90's. Get this Karl Kani Rugby Tee or others like it (regular price $62 on sale for $43) to add to your wardrobe and you won’t regret it! 

Shop this Karl Kani tee here!


To round out of list for your streetwear essentials starter kit, we have the jersey. Whether basketball, football, baseball, hockey, or even a custom jersey, you really can’t go wrong. Many wear their jersey alone or layer it with a tee or hoodie paired back to joggers or shorts, which are both in your kit! Yay! A jersey can make simple wardrobe pieces eye-catching without even trying. They are worn both to size and oversized depending on the desired look. You can find jerseys at most sporting goods stores, shoe retailers and if you are lucky, off-price stores. 

Call me a four leaf clover because I found a two-toned baseball style Raiders jersey at Burlington for only $19.99 (Featured in the photo for sweatpants above)! Burlington doesn’t have a shoppable website so, its one of those try your luck at a store near you situations. Most jersey pricing is going to start at $50 and go up from there with most being around $100. I am a bargain shopper, you here me! Since we are on your last streetwear essential item, I have 2 treats for you. I found you a Dodgers jersey from Sears.com and snag extra savings with online only pricing (Regular price $44.99, Sale price $22.49).

Make your 90's sitcom dreams come true with jersey from none other than Amazon. One of my favorite sitcom shows to watch was Saved By The Bell and I thought Zack Morris was so handsome! And you guessed it, they have a Bayside Zack Morris jersey! The icing on the cake is this piece of 90's sitcom heaven is only $19.88! Don't believe me? Click the link below!

Shop this Saved By The Bell Bayside basketball jersey here!

Your 5 streetwear starter kit essential items will have you casual and confident in no time. All of the pieces suggested are interchangeable. You can mix and match the pieces even more when you start to add color, prints, etc. Remember, this is your STARTER KIT! There are levels to this thing called streetwear. We haven't even gotten to Accessories and Outerwear, so stick around! Happy Shopping!

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