5 Hottest New LA Fashion Brands

2nd of July 2019



Your California dream isn’t completed without a pair of dreamy vintage-looking blue jeans, right? Dream away and strut around in a pair of these fit-tastic and sustainable jeans from Boyish. The brand uses 1/3 the amount of water used in the regular denim industry and the result is truly mouth-watering. There are also denim dresses and shorts, but that’s a whole other denim story. 

Desert Dreamer


For a brand named “Desert Dreamer”, this one has pleasantly fruitful and juicy variety of options, from colorful hoodies to transparent mini backpacks with the NASA logo plastered over it. The brand’s website boldly states “We are a California brand, this is the core of our identity” and it’s hard to disagree with that sentiment: they do know how to get that elusive Cali charm down to a tee. Literally. 



Originally launched in 2014 as Rhode Resort, the brand has recently dropped the word “resort” from its name but maintains its cool relaxed attitude towards fashion. It’s no longer the brand you turn to while planning the vacation of your dreams and #Goals: nowadays Rhode caters to your needs 365 days a year. Summer all year round? Is this a Rhode to heaven or what?! 



Can we quote Lady Gaga a little bit here? “Just put your paws up, ‘cause you born this way, baby”, feels like an appropriate thing to say when we’re browsing through animal print-heavy wonderland of AFRM’s designs. From leopard prints to neon lights, the brand knows how to make you look like a celebrity who’s just oh-so-tired of paparazzi lurking arond the corner. Smile for the camera, LA scene queen! 

Lykke Wullf


It may be summer all year round in LA, but it’s snowing somewhere in Europe. England-born designer Jemma Swatek marries slick Scandinavian minimalism with Californian chic and the result makes us want to howl with pleaser: the brand’s name does mean “lucky wolf” in Danish after all. 

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