A Kay Jewelers Inspired Love Story

As someone recently married, my entire world has become devoted to love. I knew within moments of meeting my wife-to-be that she was special. She gave me hope for the future. She made everything feel easy.

As the day approached and I prepared myself to ask for her hand, I was caught off-guard by the butterflies that soared inside me. I was nervous. Was I ready to be the best husband I could be for her? Did I know how to tell her everything she meant to me? But when she whispered a teary yes, all my fear went away. Things felt easy again.

For many people, buying an engagement ring can feel daunting. Making the right choice means finding a trusting partner – one that understands the immensity of the decision that’s being made. I am inspired by what the Kay Jewelers brand stands for: a commitment to long-lasting love and the union of two people who have found ease in one another.

I created this piece to show a side of the story seen less often. Authentic and sweet, and full of hope. A story of a man searching for the right words, and the partner who helps him find them.

Watch the extended version below. All BTS photos by James Poirier.

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