Greetings, creatives! I'm Willow. My name comes from my fascination and reverence for willow trees. I am an actor, director and sound designer. I'm also a photographer (you can find my work at here) working and from the Chicagoland area. I specialize in environmental and performance photography and am working on building up my portraits, pets, families and more. 

Who inspires me? Janelle Monáe, Prince, Fannie Lou Hamer, Jimi Hendrix, my parents and many other creatives (to name a few). 

I've been shooting for about eight years, first as a hobby and without any knowledge of the basics and about five years professionally. Capturing moments that can only be created once in their own way fulfills me. I learn something new concerning the basics or something more abstract each day and feel excited when I can learn about my passions. 

A (non-photo-related) project I'm most proud of and felt exhilarated working on was  my final project for a college course I took analyzing and comparing Greek plays (check it out, here). I love allowing all of the thoughts, desires and hopes I have about/for the world and myself to amalgamate into one thing. 

Here's some of my most beloved work. Thanks for reading. Be kind!

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