Lyrical Noise Records dominating Birmingham music scene

17th of July 2020

Birmingham, Alabama's Lyrical Noise Records is a innovative and diverse label formed by Todd Labarron in 2015. He then brought on Terrance Nelson as Vice President who has over 10 years in the industry. The 2 are quite a force.

The label embraces the art and values of hip hop, unlike most of the cookie cutter rappers and labels of today. In a lane of their own the label's first and foremost priority is an initiative of good-will. They are focused and determined on maintaining their uncompromising core values of providing the resources and services needed so their artists can focus on their music. Labarron’s vision is a label that focuses on what is important, investing in the music and the talented artists that create it while maintaining their street credibility.

Follow their movement and artists below:

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