If you haven't seen the description on my profile, here is a short summary: I'm a 20 year old chemistry student with an extensive list of interests and skills! Now here's the long version:

  • I have been studying and living in England for half my life and being in one of the world's top capitals has truly been nothing but inspiring! I've had the opportunity to study many subjects but my two loves, without a doubt, are chemistry and art. I'm very excited to begin my degree in October and I truly cannot wait to do amazing things with it. I remember even as a child being told that the planet is suffering and things have not gotten much better since then. We need to protect our home because it is the only one we have, but I want to do more than recycle my Starbucks cup or take shorter showers! I want to be one of the people that help develop materials, which are high quality but gentler to Mother Earth. I want to meet fellow scientists and be at the center of those building our better future!
  • As much as I enjoy the vast scientific world, I can't help but appreciate the equally endless horizons of art! London has as much to offer to scientists, as it does to artist! I've worked with different materials - such as ceramics, oil paint and spray paint - and I have found inspiration around every corner - street art, galleries with original work from the masters and even the murals you can see on the famous London Tube! Not to mention the fascinating fashion world, which always pushes me to experiment with my own style!

So that's a (still kind of short) intro to me! I would love to meet as many of you in this community that is BFROW as I possibly can. If you're interested in working together, I can offer advice on how to market yourself, how to promote your brand, more technical aspects like managing money or writing up Excel Spreadsheets and much, much more!

It's also no secret that my lovely sister is the founder of this company, and everyone on the team has been working hard to bring you something we are all truly proud of! We will continue to develop and improve so we can bring you the best possible experience and I sincerely hope you will join us!

Stay happy and smiling :)

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