Hello BFROW Community! 

My name is Brigitte but you can call me B. Pak ☺️ I am a photographer who loves to take creative direction in my work through finding locations, styling, and doing makeup on the people who work with me! I absolutely love the process of conceptualizing and bringing ideas to life in the form of a picture, it is definitely something I consider a passion. My favorite projects I have done are the ones where my model and I worked together to create something which makes them feel beautiful! 

A little about me: 

- I am originally from Orange County, CA but now live in Santa Barbara since graduating from UCSB 

- I am passionate about the environment and sustainability (the clothing I style my models with are primarily things in my closet or secondhand) as well as social issues such as racial/socioeconomic inequalities. 

- I take style inspiration from vintage styles and overall inspiration from fellow creatives in my community as well as music and the beauty of nature. 

- Some hobbies I love to do: play volleyball, play video games, cooking, collect vinyls, and thrift! 

I joined the BFROW community to connect with more creatives, the concept of a social media platform focused on creatives and helping them connect with one another was something that seemed like such a great concept especially in times such as these where it’s hard to meet people face to face! Can’t wait to connect with the community more! Stay safe everyone! ❤️

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