Resident Internship available

23rd of May 2020

Resident Internship position is available to early-career individuals who have a strong interest in the costume design, apparel design or textile arts. I am seeking individuals who are robust, actively engaged, productive people who are passionate about their art and wish to learn about the workings of a design studio, small production manufacturing, and effectively running a business. You are expected to have Journeyman level sewing and basic design skills. Interns are integral parts of the studio process. This is an excellent opportunity for dedicated new artists and aspiring designers to improve a wide range of hands on skills in a supportive experiential learning environment, adding significantly to their professional skills and real life business practices.

Resident Internships are work exchange positions focused on the growth and education of the individual. The intern receives a private room, meals with the household, and studio space with access to supplies, equipment and research materials in exchange for approximately 30 hours per week of work in the respective area of internship interest and responsibility. Participants are expected to spend an additional 10 hours per week on their own Individual Goal Project and attend all buying trips and sales events. The internship program is rigorous physically and emotionally, and participants will receive support, encouragement, knowledge, an enriching residency experience and professional development opportunities in return.

Interns can purchase additional groceries to supplement provided family style meals. Dietary accommodation will be made as needed. The intern is encouraged to take personal time to explore outdoor activities and cultural opportunities in the Lompoc, CA region, there is hiking and many local attractions in the area. Interns are responsible for their personal needs, additional expenses and transportation.

If interested, please email for consideration.

Each internship is a minimum of 6 weeks position.

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