Luxury menswear: meet Kiton Ambassador Shadi Halabi

6th of May 2020

Shadi Halabi is the definition of a success story. With over 2 decades of experience in international luxury fashion and lifestyle industries, Shadi has a big responsibility as a Brand Ambassador for Kiton. For those who don’t know, Kiton is a prestigious Italian tailoring fashion house famous for its custom made suits and ready-to-wear men and women's collections created with the ultimate luxury fabrics. From keeping connections with VIP clients to presenting Kiton fabrics for clients around the world, Shadi’s knowledge of luxe style is essential in the industry of luxury fashion.

What does it mean to be a brand ambassador at Kiton? What Does your daily work look like? 

Born in Napoli, Italy, Kiton is one of the top luxury brands in the world for both men and women. All pieces are 100% handmade and done by the mastered Napolitan tailors in the house of Kiton. To be a Kiton Ambassador worldwide is a big responsibility all by itself. My role is to travel around the world and contact VIP clients such as Presidents, Politicians, Business men, etc. I officially visit the clients along with one of Kiton master tailors, where we present the Kiton fabrics to the clients and take care of the personalized made to measure orders.

What’s the difference between Kiton and other luxury suits brands?

Kiton focuses on the fabric they use, which is exclusively done for them. The second awareness is the hand made tailoring that is done 100% in house.

Who is your core customer?

Presidents, Politicians, Private Bankers, Actors, International businessmen. Our clients' ages range from 16 and above, but our main customers are between 40 to 60 years.

How did you become the part of Kiton?

Aside from having 24 years of experience in the international luxury fashion, the long relation I maintained with the Kiton Family and my international network eventually led to CEO of Kiton making a decision to build this department for the final international clients.

Taking into account latest fashion trends, what’s the future steps for Kiton to push sales? 

Due to the trends changes, Kiton makes sure to maintain its elegant, chic and classy style. 

Do you have any fun stories related with your clients?

One client always orders 4 pieces from each item he buys. For example, if he buys a size 50 Blue Jacket, he orders four equally to send to all his houses: one in Dubai, one in London, another in Marbella, and one in Como, Italy.

Another client used to buy regular customer for a competitor brand. Once, he came and placed an order through our department due to his friend’s advice, and since then he ended up giving away his full luxury brands closet and had kept only Kiton in his closet.

Do you have any traditions in the Kiton team? 


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