Exclusive Interview with Lux Designer Stevie Boi

Steven Cordell Strawder is one of Americas leading fashion designers. His luxury brand has been featured in Commons, Glamour Germany, Vanity Fair, Vogue Brazil, Vogue Germany, Vogue Italia and Time Magazine who listed his business as a dream job and one of the most innovative companies in America. In 2012 Strawders company was evaluated at over $12,000,000 making him an exceptional minority living the "American Dream". The iconic fashion designer is known for creating luxury eye wear for stars and clients such as BeyonceBrittany SpearsMadonnaNicki MinajBlack Eyed PeasLady GagaAmber RoseLarieann GibsonKaty Perry and Diddy just to name a few. You can't help but notice the custom shades these celebs are rocking in the media, their music videos or on television like the talk show host Wendy Williams who recently wore a pair of SBShades in front of millions of viewers will only make you wonder, who is this "fashionisto" that the industry vibes to?

The social media has been a great tunnel for keeping up with current trends and colors to wear this fall/winter season- including keeping up with the face, creator, and owner behind the custom eye wear SBShades who goes by the name Stevie Boi. The new"luxury" eye wear you can view on his Facebook and Instagram page .


"I want everyone to feel like they are in the mind of the designer" -Stevie Boi



Stevie Boi is definitely one to pay attention to as he continues to stamp his brand internationally on the faces of elite clients and celebs who crave his luxury line. At the end of the day Steven Cordell Strawder is working in the "real fashion industry" making huge waves with his brand in the music industry all while gaining recognition by powerful critics. Not to mention the fact that his work is consistently being featured in or on the cover of the world's most powerful magazine "Vogue" who priced a pair of SBShades at 50k.

These days it's about being yourself, bold, fearless, talented and of course networking with the best in the business. Currently you'll find Stevie Boi keeping his followers updated with SB's latest creations, upcoming events, new projects or the raw video footage's capturing his fearless personality and life in the fashion lane! I was able to catch up with him and get a inside scoop on the iconic designer and the eye wear SBShades. Check out the interview below!

What motivates you?

I'm very motivated by my surroundings. I surround myself around people that are successful and motivated.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Mostly my environment.

What qualities do you posses as a fashion designer?  

Hmmm, I would say the ability to use my talent as a way of inspiring people.


What trends can we look forward to?

I'm not really up on trends like most designers. But from my perspective and so far seeing shows this fashion week. I would say look out for a lot of sheer and off white pieces.

What do you wish people would understand about working in the fashion industry?

It's a real job! And it is not easy. I worked for the government for 4 years fashion is way more complicated, mostly because you have to please everyone in 30 seconds with a collection at a showing. 

What is the SBS price point for it's clientele?

From $60-$500

Can you explain to everyone what being a creative designer is?

Being original, using your ideas to create unique pieces/items that tell a story.

How does the social media affect you personally and your business?

OMG it make me even better and more known. Social media is what keeps my business afloat. 

How does it truly feel to see all your hard work being recognized by the most powerful critics and fashion magazines in the world?

It feels great, but honestly I worked very hard for what I have. So I except to see success, even if I fail I except something valuable to come from it.

who's your biggest fan and do they have a pair of SBShades?

I'm not so sure yet. I have a couple supporters such as Emily Jung, she's an artist based out of Ohio and she buys my products religiously. 

You currently designed eye wear for Katy Perry can you tell me about that project?

Not just yet, stay tuned!

How does it make you feel to be labeled as Americas leading fashion designer?

That is a huge title. But I feel with my confidence I can fulfill those shoes.

What is the most favorite part about your career?

The ability to sleep in all day and work when I feel.

Is their anything you wish you could do that your not able to do because of your profession and the high demand for your products? 

Hmmm, good question. I'm not to sure. I guess one thing is music. I love making music and I spent majority of my time in studios with the top pop stars etc. 

At what point did you realize you were being recognized as a leading designer and Icon within the fashion industry? How does it make you feel?

Once the editor of Vogue put my glasses on the cover of Vogue magazine and priced them at $54,000 . That was the moment I feel I made a big step into the industry.

How does music play a big part in your fashion career?

It is a huge part of why designers sell. We market utilizing musicians. It's the best way to share fans and spread demographically. 

How would you describe your style?

My style is very mod/goth. I'm not to sure how to explain it exactly but I don't spend more than 3 minutes to get dressed,

You meet Anna Dello Russo editor of Vogue Magazine, can you tell me about that amazing experience?

I've worked with her since 2010 since then meeting her for the first time physically was eye opening. We both passed each other at the Lincoln center and we caught each other's eyes it was a very surreal moment. She's a huge reason I am connected to the real fashion world and she's very motivational. 

Republished: April Sade 09/14

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