Hey everyone! My name is Jessica Holt. I am a 23 year old fashion designer and artist from Baltimore, Maryland. My brand's name is J.Holt Designs with a sub brand called On The Wave Durags. I specialize in high-end luxury pieces and I'm very inspired by my culture. My mother is Indian-Jamaican and my father is African-American. I draw a lot of inspiration from the bright colors and vibrancy of Jamaica's culture as well as from my experiences as a Black Woman in America. I love to play around with colors, different textures, and unique silhouettes in my designs. 

I am most proud of my debut collection, Aposematism. I put my heart and soul into creating it. Here are some pictures of the collection:

I joined BFROW to connect with other like-minded driven creatives and to gain more exposure. 

Thank you for checking my page out! Follow me on my social media accounts as well as my profile on this platform to keep up with any new drops or posts. 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jholtdesigns/

My website: https://www.jholtdesigns.com 

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