I find myself lost sometimes trying to explain to people, who are not in the fashion industry, what is exactly that I do for leaving. First of all, when I say that I am a stylist, people assume that I am a hairstylist and asking me for a trim. When I say that I do wardrobe or prop styling and even more question marks pop up in the air.

STYLISTS CATEGORIES: fashion stylist (editorial), celebrity stylist (red carpet), commercial stylist (e-comm, tv, music, etc.), personal shopper, prop stylist (mini-set designs for products like jewelry, perfume or beauty products), food stylist (do you seriously think it's real ice cubes in a Coca-Cola glass or melting cheese on top of the pizza?), flower stylist (I don't know how you guys are at the flower market at 4-5AM every day), softgoods stylist (those really cute folded cashmere sweaters or fabulously rolled jeans in your JCrew catalog), and many more that are slipping from my mind right now.

To summed it up, I tried all of the above except food styling and decided to put my hands on fine jewelry and watches. Won't bore you anymore, just scroll down the images to see some of the examples of my work. And if you still have some questions, drop me a line at the end of this massive post.



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