Hi Beauties + Beauts,

I'm Jasmine Deon - sassy, chic, creative "shepreneur" who's a lover of all things fashion, beauty and empowering women. In August of 2017 I wrote my first blog post on BFrow. Here I am today reintroducing myself and where I am now amid a pandemic. Simultaneously, the platform I stumbled upon while searching for an online fashion community has evolved and so has this "original frower".

In a perfect world I would execute flawless styling and beauty workshops, filled with people in "instagrammable" outfits, curate organic social medial content and inspire every woman I cross paths with to be FEARLESS in her pursuits. After struggling with figuring out where to focus my attention most - fashion, beauty or business ... I decided to go for it and find a way to mesh the three. Your craft has no ceiling, it can be whatever you envision. So I encourage anyone reading this post to take a chance on yourself.

Fast forward to now and I offer freelance image and branding services to women with small businesses. There is no greater feeling than seeing your projects come to life. There is also no greater feeling than the impact it has on someone. I honestly believe that through blogging on BFrow, I discovered my voice and how to leverage it. With the new changes to BFrow I hope to expand my network with other link minded babes. You can check out my website at https://msha.ke/deondoesitall/

Until next post!


Jasmine Deon 

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