Joggers - Athleisure for the Girly Girl

My dad was a professional athlete but unfortunately those genes were not passed down to me. I’ve just never been the athletic type! Anxiety comes over me whenever I think of the horrors of middle school and how I was forced to play sports for a grade. Most of gym class was spent hiding in a corner so no one would ever pass (kick, throw, dribble, pitch, hit etc.) the ball to me.

I think my lack of hand/eye coordination and my middle school gym trauma turned me off to any and all clothing that even appeared to be athletic for most of my life. But, style has evolved, and I’m pleased to report that there are now so many cute and sporty options for us girly girls. My current joy: joggers!

Joggers are amazingly comfortable. This grey heathered pair is essential to my travel uniform. Side bar: everyone needs a travel uniform, because the last thing you want to think about when planning a trip is what to wear on the plane! Aside from comfort, joggers can also be super chic and completely daytime appropriate. I paired mine with Nike Sky-Hi Dunks and a moto jacket when I met up with my sister for coffee the other day. The moto jacket dresses up the outfit and brings it from gym to coffee shop, while the wedge sneaks give the look a fun edge. Now let’s be clear, these aren’t your late 90’s Bongo wedge sneakers. The Nike 2017 wedge is much more subtle, giving you sport with a girly twist.

I also found these babies at Forever 21 and they are literally the most perfect pair of pants. They’re pleather, so there’s that, and because they’re joggers I’m able to get a way with a casual tee and shoe. They are also high waisted and sooo forgiving; I can wear them with a bodysuit or crop top with zero tummy anxiety. A couple days ago I threw them on with a fun bodysuit and faux fur chunky sandals that I’m obsessed with. I mean how fun are these sandals! Coincidentally I was dog sitting on this particular day, so my sandals were twinning with my new furry friend :)

Joggers are the girly girls' response to sweat pants and prove that you don’t have to be an athlete to dabble in sportswear!

xo xo

Kris Joy

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