How to Make it Feel Like Summer During a Pandemic

28th of July 2020

Let’s face it: the activities and feelings we associate with summer will not come to fruition this year. Taking in the smell of sunscreen, traveling, hanging out at rooftop bars, going to the county fair—these hallmarks that would normally be enjoyed this time of year have instead been exchanged for Netflix and Hulu marathons, the rare grocery store outing, and online shopping. 

Even though your tan lines may not be as prominent this 2020, here are some ways to retain that summer feeling you might be missing:

  1. Staycation 

It’s not the same as being whisked away to the Italian countryside, but many Airbnbs are booking at a discounted rate due to the drop in traveling from the pandemic. If you’re in LA, we recommend spending a weekend in San Diego, Joshua Tree, Malibu, or Big Bear to get away from the typical. (Especially if you’ve been cooped up since the beginning of quarantine!)

2. Kiddle pool for adults ( I mean?!?!) 

Leaving home might not be an option, especially if you’re extra weary of the virus, but no worries! Minnidip has an adult-sized inflatable pool that not only comes in the coolest designs, but is also sturdy and perfect for cooling down with the heat if you don’t already have a pool.

3. Beach Day

Going to the beach is a lot different than it was a few months ago, but you can still enjoy the summer! If beaches are open near you, we recommend going earlier in the day when there are less people to stay as distanced from other beachgoers as possible. Don’t forget your mask! 

4. Get outside!

While not everyone is near a beach, we do have the outside to enjoy! It is reported that people are going out a lot less during this pandemic (expectedly), but going outside is so important, not only for the sake of summer, but for mental health as well (and vitamin D). Take time each day to go for a walk, or sit outside on a blanket while reading. 

5. Attend a Drive-in concert

You’ve heard of drive-in movies, but what about drive-in concerts? The music industry has played with ideas for maintaining the live concert experience through VR and live streams, and now they’ve introduced this alternative for seeing your favorite artists. Billboard maintains a list of shows around the country that is updated regularly. 

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