How to create unique Instagram Stories

4th of May 2020

Since Instagram Stories has become the platform’s most popular tool it is very important to make your Stories in high quality and keep them diverse.

Today I want to share with you several usefull applications for Stories creation which will diversify your feed.

How to make a collage of several videos?

In my opinion, one of the most convenient collage apps is Unfold

It has  free templates but you can buy more interesting collages for $ 2.

To create a collage you need to  select the  template that you like and upload the necessary photos / videos to it.

Some more similar programs: StoryLuxe, StoryArt, StoryLoop.

In which application should I edit my Stories?

My favorite editing app is InShot.

 Editing in InShot is easy. Select the “Crop” function and either crop the edges of the fragment, or divide the video into several parts or cut out an unnecessary piece. Each resulting fragment can be edited separately: apply filters, speed up, slow down.

What features in InShot do I also use:

1) Speed up and slow down videos - you can speed up any video by 4 times and slow down by 5.

2) Adding text and subtitles to the video. You can make them any font and color, as well as adjust the duration of the display and transition.

3) The Flip function - reflects the image or video horizontally. Why do you need it? The camera app on the iPhone takes a selfie in mirror image, and the face is crooked. Therefore, if I shoot a video not through Instagram, but through the camera application, then through InShot I mirror it back to make it look better

4) InShot has its own music database, plus you can import music through the MacBook.

5) Also, using InShot, I record voiceover on the video.

Retro effects for video

Prequel App

KUNI cam


These are few of the most frequently used applications for me. Application market is growing fast every month. You can always explore the world of editing by yourself. 

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