We live in a world that constantly contradicts itself. One minute a woman should "act like a lady". The next we promote the idea that a woman can say and do as she pleases. Which one is it? It's almost as if there is an invisible line of dressing mildly sexy and too risqué all before the judgement of men. Apparently wearing revealing clothing is the ultimate recipe for receiving unwanted attention (I totally missed that memo). Like misogynistic trolls our culture believes, "she was asking for it by the way she dressed" enforcing sexist politics on our day to day lives. In the words of Mary Jane Paul on BET's Being Mary Jane, "do us all a favor and shut the hell up, you ill-mannered, over-privileged, under-educated simpleton. Shut up!" *Takes a deep breath*- now back to the blog! Upon hearing of the incident involving Love & Hip Hop star-turned-rapper, Cardi B, who was groped by a man backstage after the Floyd Mayweather and Connor McGregor fight, I felt compelled to speak up and write. Being a victim myself, I must say this is very upsetting. There is a special place in hell for men who objectify and take advantage of women. Reading the comments were absolutely stomach turning. Men responded by saying things like, "when you advertise something so much people begin to think it's okay". This behavior is unacceptable. Period. It allows room for slut shaming to continue, placing all responsibility on her versus holding him accountable for the assault. The cultural assumption that sexual assault can be prevented by not dressing provocatively is a slap in the face to all of your mothers, daughters and sisters. Instead of telling US to stop provoking, teach men to have respect by practicing self control. It's a shame in 2017 consent 101 is still a topic of discussion. How about the next time you fellas are on the basketball court, if the PRINT is showing, we grab it? I mean like... really really hard for every woman that has ever had to endure this awful type of experience. What a woman wears is her choice, dammit. It's not a touch & feel pass. In my final words, go ahead and free the nipple, wear all the sheer tops your breast can bear, show them legs girl and buy that freakum dress if you please. I love you all ladies, no matter the amount of sexy. #TheWayWeDressDoesNotMeanYes


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