Exclusive Interview with R&B Hippie Jerrod Brosean.

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2019-12-22 17:15:11/United States

Jerrod Brosean, a southern Mississippi born and raised R&B hippie has re-emerged since his former Duo member days with RecognitionN as a well-known authentic solo artist across the southern and west coast region bringing us a new genre of music and sound that is very edgy, strong and powerful. Brosean’s talent resume consist of 5 Jackson Music Awards, 3 BET Nominations, 2 Pinebelt Awards and a history of community involvement and advocacy for breast cancer awareness in the cities of Mississippi. Now he officially add’s the title of actor and the “reality face” of your household color TV for the year 2018 and the following years to come. The question now is are you ready for a taste of him?

Since Brosean’s family set the musical tone in the early 50’s in Mississippi. It only seemed natural that he continued to live the dream and carry on that legacy. After all it is his family last name that motivates him and it would be a big disrespect not to carry on that legacy.

With much respect, Jerrod is humbly positioning himself to be listed one day in the history books of Mississippi music. Given that MS is the birthplace of America’s music, and best known as the home of the blues, which developed among the freed African Americans in the late 19th century. It’s truly enough motivation to mold any musician such as Jerrod Brosean.

Today you will find Jerrod currently living his best life in Los Angeles, California. Yet dropping back in the 'Sipp performing on stage or indulging in the development of his projects with other great industry vibing talents who play a major part on some of the tracks in his latest album, Boyfriend Material that we will find streaming across all our social media platforms and your TV music choice. Including his Pandora channel that you must plug in your playlist if you have yet to do so.

Jerrod Brosean’s new anticipated album BOYFRIEND MATERIAL will be dropping in less than ten days, officially on his birth date December 29th. The new music to our ears will forever make us crave to press play for repeats on our music playlist. Through trials and tribulations, love and heartbreaks you can feel and relate to the lyrical content on some kind of level. Giving us a genre of mix culture on the tracks you’ll be able to appreciate that ‘ol school sound that we’ve been missing lately. This album is definitely a road map to his career. 

Now that things are much clear about Mr. Brosean’s future, we were able to sit back and have an exclusive 101 interview with the man himself and get an update on the Boyfriend Material.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration?

J.B.: The challenge of making something out of nothing. I feel as if I'm a blessing to the world. I'm here for a reason and that's enough to be inspired by.

Q: What all qualities do you possess as a musician?

-J.B.: I'm not afraid to fail and I'm willing to learn. And how that translates to me as a musician, that puts me in a different league. Give me any situation, crowd, or instrument and I'll figure it out.

Q: What's the best perk of being an artist?

J.B.: The best perk of being an artist is the creative phase. There's no better feeling then when you can push your creativity out and someone will receive it on their end as art.

Q: What do you wish people would understand about working in the music industry?

J.B.: That you're gonna fail a lot, but that's not important. What's important is how many times you can get back up.

Q: Tell me, what is the biggest mistake you can make in this industry?

J.B.: Moving to fast and having expectations that everything is gonna go your way. I suggest taking your time and planning every move.

Q: Are there any trends you for-see in 2018?

J.B.: I don't really follow trends like that. But it would be dope if people would start caring yellow umbrellas...

Q: Whats up with you being captured carrying this yellow umbrella everywhere you go?

your an artist, explain what that means?

J.B.: The yellow umbrella is a symbol of evolution and companionship. I represent both of those. The person who holds the yellow umbrella is the future love of your life.   

Q: As an artist what can we expect to see regarding your evolution ?

J.B.: I'm currently shooting with a reality TV show and I'm working on an exclusive app that will be introduce in 2018.

Q: Who or what is your inspiration for the album "Boyfriend Material"?

J.B.: The fans that waited on me to evolve into BFM.

Q: With this being your first solo album produced without RecognitioN, what path are your hoping to pave?

J.B.: First and foremost, I want to say that everything I do is for RecognitioN. That will forever be my foundation. I'm out here tryna gain my own recognition now.


Q: In this evolving industry, what category would you list your music?

J.B.: I'm doing music. Same as the rest of my peers. Adam Lavin, Chris Brown, Imagine Dragons, Romeo Santos, and UR

Q: Do you have other adventures outside of music that you're currently indulging in?

J.B.: Reality TV is in my future.

Visit everything about your favorite artist at or all social media platforms.

By: April Sade 12/22/17

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