Cookie Intervals & Supercharged Goals

That damn fear of disappointment. It’s so real for me. Like OMG what if I let someone down? What if I fail? What if I can’t please everybody?

Those questions can really block my vibe if I’m not careful. When I hear that chatter get loud in my brain it’s like a flood gate opening.

You feel that way too??

I try to remind myself of 2 things:

Be grateful.

Be present.

Sometimes it’s easier said than done but it’s all a practice, right. In the present there is no fear. When you fill yourself with gratitude there is just no room for worry. Boom!

​It's a good thing to remember this time of year for sure. 

And speaking of gratitude...that is one hell of a great way to SUPERcharge your goals. 



Those really mean nothing without your highest vibe. Are you putting soulful intention into your plans? Or are they just plans? Setting goals can be dry and meaningless if you are just going through the motions and doing it just to do it.

Put your contagious energy behind it! It begins in the heart, the mind and soul. Then your plans work like magic! 

Light yourself up first. Grab another fabulous and brilliant girl in your circle, clink with some bubbly, laugh and THEN...


It will help you for sure. To go from...

Blocked to Flowing.

Brittle to juicy.

Stuck to Free.

Overwhelmed to focused.

Exhausted to vibrant.

You get to choose. You can call these into your world and declare them as your own. 

PS - here's a little holiday inspired workout solution. LOL

Cookie Intervals! Check it out...

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