What's a girl to do when she has million dollar taste on a minimalist budget?  This is not your "How to look like a thousand bucks with one hundred" type of post (although I do have a few tips I don't mind sharing)! This is a post on how I got here- this very moment typing these very words.  College Dropout- No Kanye. We can thank finances and depression for that. Visionary, creative, motivator, style obsessed and business minded kinda sums me up... but where's the profit in that? 

See, I've always loved all things beauty and fashion while still being business-y and having somewhat of a knack for writing. I also love planning and the power of connecting through social media... but still where's the profit in that? As my Godfather would say, "the bottom line is the dollar."  I struggled with finding a way to do it all, have it all and most importantly, narrowing my niche- defining what could ultimately become a lifestyle brand/blog. I never saw myself actually "blogging" and writing pieces every day, however, in some ways I did

I think the part of me failing to acknowledge my strength was rooted in fear, while the other part of me envisioning myself as a bomb-ass-boss-babe knew I deserved this life. I was made for it. At some  point you HAVE to step out on faith and just fucking do it it. Yep, that's right. Don't worry about perfecting before going live. Sometimes raw content is the best content! What matters is authenticity, consistency and having a plan that includes goals and deadlines to hold  you accountable.

 All I'm saying is everyone is not meant for a 9-5. Do you really want to be that person who's old and bitter because they didn't chase their dreams, envious of those that do? NOTHING is stopping you but yourself. I used to think this saying was cliché until I realized accomplishing your dream(s) is not magical, it's pure effort effort and dedication. Honey if you can find your ex boyfriend's ex girlfriend from 2002- you can find resources and opportunities. So yes, I'm not exactly where I want to be but I'm creating the path to get there one way or another. 

If you want it bad enough, you'll go through hell and high water...but only in high heels of course!


blogger/brand/fashionista/etc. in the making because I'm still figuring this sh*t out

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