I don't want to be understood, so do yourself a favor and don't try to understand me. I can't be broken down, put together or fixed. I'm me, unapologetically with no apologies for those that I've wronged. I don't ask for help because I don't want it. Truthfully, handouts sicken me. I'm a girl and woman, somewhere in between. I've seen pain, I am pain. I love it. Toxic shit is my drug. I'll never figure it out but that's okay too. I'm deep and dark, happy and light...both sides of the spectrum but at least I can admit my flaws. Don't lecture me just to hear yourself talk. Don't lecture me if it isn't bringing me any money. I have goals, I just haven't reached them. A book with no words, a book that is still being written. That's me. If I could give you any advice it would be to stay away. I'd probably fuck your life up, unintentionally though. It's all good and it's all love. Life has a funny way of showing us things even if we never really "see the bigger picture". I love hard, I hate too. I learn and I don't know. I have everything to say yet sit silenced. This is me and I love every shitty piece of it. This is a book with no words. So keep pushing, it gets better. The sun always shines tomorrow. Find light in the dark and you will find yourself.

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