10 LGBTQ Creatives You Should Be Following

27th of June 2020

The month of June holds a lot significance for the LGBTQIA+ community. The most notable legislation, riots, and parades surrounding Pride all began, or took place, during this month. There is LOTS celebrate and MANY to honor. 

So we’re taking today to celebrate our favorite queer creatives, the work they’re doing, and the ceilings they’re shattering. YOU'RE WELCOME IN ADVANCE FOR BLESSING YOUR EYEBALLS 🌈

1. Arianna - @Ariannapictures - Photographer

Scroll through Ariannas’ photos on Instagram, and you’ll be struck by how much more there is to each image, focusing on portraiture and intimacy as well as the differences in light and contrast

2. Myla - @pradaolic - MUA / Content creator

In the world of Myla, more is more. She gives us color! She gives us shapes! She gives us joy!  This makeup queen has one of the most vibrant feeds you’ll ever see. 

3. Mariana Lorenzo - @Marmarmaremoto - Artist / Illustrator

Mariana, professionally known as Maremoto, is a Mexico City-based Artist and Illustrator, and has worked with major brands, such as Nike and Calvin Klein. Their work colorfully depicts queer and trans people of color, celebrating the beauty of different backgrounds.

4. Michael Chamberlin - @chamberlin___ - Fashion Designer

Michael brings an inclusive spin to the world of fashion design and illustration. Constantly pushing for LGBTQIA+ representation in the industry, his bold, dramatic silhouettes are meant for everybody. 

5. Caitlin Blunnie - @liberaljane - Illustrator

Caitlin is an activist and illustrator, and her work is a perfect (and stunning) blend of the two. Featuring bright colors and all body-types, genders, sexes, and races, her illustrations take a stand for LGBTQIA+ inclusivity. 

6. Jari- @iamjarijones Trans Model/Activist 

Searching for your new icon? Look no further. Game-changer Jari Jones is a trans model and activist using her platform to serve positivity, truth, and realness. She most recently landed a Calvin Klein campaign and billboard in NYC, and I’M NOT CRYING, YOU ARE. 

7. Automic Gold - @automicgold -Jewelry

Automic Gold is an NYC-based jewelry company built by trans, non-binary badass Al Sandimirova. They use pure gold to make timeless and trendy pieces—stackable rings and bracelets, earring chains, custom letter necklaces, and more. A personal fave is a necklace that says “”F*ck off” 😍 And the cherry on top: the prices are fair! 

8. Rachell Harris- @rachell.christie -Dancer 

Rachell redefines the beauty of dance as we know it, using dance to uplift the bodies of those around her. This weekend, she’s hosting her most recent project, Make Space, a dance class series via zoom. All proceeds will benefit Human Rights non-profit organizations. 

9. Ariel Pomerantz- @shutup.ariel -Cinematographer/Director of photography

Ariel is a visual artist who, to say the least, has worked with some of the greatest of the greats (peep her David Lynch polaroid or her video of Booksmart star, Beanie Feldstein, for Teen Vogue). She is a master at capturing authenticity, not only behind the lens, but also behind the scenes—her goofy BTS Instagram Stories are a true treat. A rare follow for both inspiration and shenanigans. 

10. Quentin Arispe- @quentinarispe_ -Singer

Your new obsession has arrived, and “Her/His/They/Them/Solange/Beyonce” name is QUENTIN. Their newest bop is called I’m That Bitch, and if you’re anything like us, you’ll be blasting it all day. 

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