Not anymore!!!!!

I've been talking a lot about motivation with my clients lately (which you know I think is crap but I digress lol).

I think it comes down to this. Do you know what you want?

Let's take weight loss for example. When I see a client succeeding with her weight loss it's because achieving that goal is more important to her than ordering takeout on a busy school night. That goal is more important to her than having chocolate at work when she is stressed. When I see a client struggling to lose weight it's often times because the goal of eating chocolate felt more important to her than losing weight.

What you truly desire needs to be congruent with your actions. So it comes back to the you know what you really want???

And of course there is no judgement here. Just a simple understanding that motivation and push are not really required when you have clarity and congruence. It's just a matching game...ask yourself all day I match?? If not, why not?

I can certainly say that sometimes the goal of having a glass of champagne with friends is more important to me. Because I know that choice is congruent with my goal of unapologetic self care. 

It just has to be congruent xoxo

Need some clarity and congruence right now?

I think we all do because the holiday season is officially here!! 

I used to say...

"OMG it's going to be super hard to resist the temptations. So many treats and holiday parties. How am I ever going to get through it all and stay ON TRACK with my nutrition."

Not anymore!

First of all I no longer believe in being "on track" because that would imply that there is an "off track" lingering out there in the universe for me to derail...and therefor attracting just that. tolerance for that kind of unforgiving push/pull world. Instead I make choices based on what feels good to me, what serves my greatest good and those around me. 

Second of all I no longer convince myself ahead of time that things are going to be hard. Your mind believes what you tell if you believe that it's going to be hard then you are right!! I tell myself that I will flow in and out of parties with joy and ease. I have inner peace and no longer carry around the feeling that I have to RESIST things. No self beat downs for this girl.

Have a piece of chocolate or a cookie. Cool! Enjoy the hell out of it and move on.

Don't have the cookie. Cool! It's just not serving me at my highest level to have sugar right now and move on.


Because it's really the stress you create that causes all the anxiety, weight gain, fatigue self-loathing and DISease anyway.

Tell me where you are and if you're stuck and we can hop on a quick call and chat about it. Just click this link and book yourself for a complimentary session.

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