Hormone Highlight: Cortisol

Dianne Sykes
2019-12-11 21:37:41/United States

Damn cortisol!!!! OK so this hormone def gets a bad rap in the media and you’ve probably heard the doom and gloom around it, yes? Well you NEED cortisol!! It’s essential for survival. It helps you perform physical activity, it keeps you safe from physical harm and it helps balance your adrenal function.

Here’s the problem…when you are in a constant state of -well- hot messitude you secrete more than what your body needs and that starts to tip the delicate balance of hormones…and that is SO not glamorous!

It can make you feel tired, cranky, foggy, hungry, bloated…all of which make you feel even more stressed. Homegirls please…let’s get off this roller coaster of hormonal chaos NOW, cool??

If not it can lead to belly fat storage, adrenal fatigue and worse…heart disease!!!!!

Good news…there is so much you have control over when it comes to cortisol!!! Are you ready to take responsibility and reclaim your glam??? Let’s go…

Check out my coaching video below. Some straight talk on how to manage this (not so bad) hormone a little better. Super helpful especially this time of year when things can just feel so overwhelming for sure.

Guess what?? All you need is your breath and a word. I know it will totally help you...

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