Coffee and 6 Hormones to help you feel MERRY & BRIGHT!

I used to think that I had to work really really hard if I wanted to achieve a goal.

  • I wanted to lose my baby weight SO I worked out like an animal.
  • I wanted to make more money SO I worked around the clock.
  • I wanted to win a 10K race I was training for so I worked crazy hard with my nutrition measuring everything.

It became my belief!! That everything I wanted in life required hard work. I wore it like a badge of honor. “I’ll out work anyone and everyone to get what I want.” “I’ll hustle and grind like crazy to get what I want.”

I wore it until it wore me out! Literally!! It sent my hormones on a tailspin!

And here’s the was not the “work” itself that was the problem. It was my belief that it had to be “hard”. I let it rob me of the joy. The journey. The process. The mistakes. The adventures. AND my exquisite health!

So it was HARD. And I got burned out. And I missed the goals. And I gained weight.

Work is work. I changed my mindset. I shifted to a state of joy. I learned to master my hormones! From that place I flow with ease.

Want that flow too? Lets totally talk about it. I’m holding space for you in my calendar. We can ignite your 2018 together. 

I will be hosting FREE virtual chats over some coffee in the next few days right on Facebook! My gift to you...I’ll be highlighting one hormone each day. 

What the hormone does.

Why you should care.


What to do to optimize it for your best health. 


And not just for the holidays but to blast you off into 2018 and beyond. It is your birthright to live EXQUISITELY in the body, health and life of your dreams. All right here Dianne Sykes Fitness

Let’s chat...

Coffee and 6 Hormones to help you feel MERRY & BRIGHT!

Make sure you click the link below so we can connect on Facebook. You can get notified about each coffee chat. See you there!! And share this with a friend who you know needs this sisterhood as much as you do!

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