Valuable Insights We Learned While Watching Gwyneth Paltrow's "The Goop Lab"

10th of March 2020

Many will find it inspiring, others laughable and some even problematic. By now, you’ve probably already heard of the whispers circling on social media of a rich blonde lady selling $75 lady-garden scented candles.

This is the primary takeaway from Gwyneth Paltrow’s Netflix Series “The Goop Lab”, which explores the wildest health and beauty techniques with both humor and seriousness. After starting in 2008 as an intimate newsletter, it’s now grown into an online sensation with conversations that cover natural therapies while interacting with different professionals in non-traditional medicine and are put to the test by the members of the Paltrow team. 

Here are 9 valuable insights we learned while watching the six-part docuseries:

1. Cold therapy can reduce anxiety 

Episode two of Netflix's The Goop Lab explores the benefits of cold therapy with Wim, a self-proclaimed healer who believes exposure to freezing temperatures can immensely improve wellness (& in particular- breathing techniques that can give you the ability to control your nervous system). Whole-body cryotherapy is one way to reap the many benefits of cold therapy including: boosting endorphins (thereby improving your mood), quicker workout recovery, reduced inflammation and general pain relief.⠀ ⠀

2. Soft thread lift helps combat ageing

Facial threading is the procedure that Wendy Lauria tries on the Goop team members in episode 6. This treatment is done when bioabsorbable threads are injected through a cannula where the thread remains, creating a lifted and rejuvenated appearance. This treatment is said to help fight aging in the lower face to address sagging, jowling and nasolabial lines.⠀

3. Micro Dosing Mushrooms offer a variety of self perceived benefits from treating PTSD to Anxiety

Episode 1 featured a group of staffers taking part in the hottest underground trends in scientific research today: a 'magic' mushroom, experience.There, they were given them three grams of psilocybin in tea form and had trained psychedelic guides guide them through the experience. By the end of the session, one staffer said she felt like she'd undergone five years of therapy in five hours. Another described the experience as a turning point in her life.

4. Orgasm, anyone? Benefits include reduced stress, a curbed appetite, and enhanced sleep

Episode 3 featured Betty Dodson, an American sex educator who runs workshops that teach body-positivity, acceptance and not feeling shame about one’s sexuality. The episode explores crucial but discredited concepts relating to female sexuality and pleasure, while breaking away from the barriers that hinder their pleasures. Taking to Twitter, one fan praised the episode, writing: "I would like to urge every woman to watch the third episode of “the goop lab” on netflix. especially if you have never experienced an orgasm or have had any shame about wanting to experience pleasure during sex."

5. Does your energy need healing? 

A lot of energy healing practices takes place in the series, from working with energy to heal past trauma to letting it flow through our bodies. In this episode, energy healing sessions from John Amaral were put to the test on the Goop team. After the session, Paltrow herself seems to hint at the notion that this is all very off one’s trolley. “Could you get any Goopier?” she asks a Goop team member after they described an exorcism-like experience while working with Amaral. 

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