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5th of October 2020

Hello my name is Samantha Nava, the face behind @thesblogbysam Instagram page, feel free to call me Sam. My journey started years ago when I was just a teenager and I got interested in fashion, I began noticing how people expressed themselves through fashion, every wardrobe choice showed a part of their personality and described the emotions they felt. In 2017 I took a journey after finishing high school to discover my true passion and thrive, of course I knew it was something fashion related but I didn't knew what it was. In 2018 I started studying my major in college, Design and Visual Arts, something between two worlds that I adore: fashion and arts.

While I do love fashion, my inspiration comes from everywhere, just life itself is very interesting and inspiring but the people in it make it worthwhile to make art. I love impressionist artists and their way to express life in an abstract way just clear enough for the ones that really want to see it.

To sum up, my life nowadays resides in Mexico being a student, graphic designer, fashion illustrator and fashion enthusiast. Haute Couture fashion houses inspire most of my work, although I also do original designs inspired by modern art.  Every piece that I make is carefully crafted and illustrated, I take every project seriously because everything I do has a purpose, has a big research and inspiration process and takes time to be completed satisfactorily.

I’m looking forward to growing professionally and personally, feel free to contact me or visit my Instagram page to see more of my work. I’ll leave you here some of my most recent work.


Prada girl

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