Guide to: Greasy Hairstyles

We've all had those days when we haven't had time to wash our hair, or, let's be frank - we can't be bothered.The extra time in bed, or the lazy evening on the sofa seems like a good idea at the time but when you are struggling with greasy strands of hair, trying with no success to style it into something that doesn't make you look like you've neglected to wash for 4 days - the regret begins to seep in.Fear not, fellow Lazy Girls - I am here to help you. 

It's time to embrace the grease, like the hairdressers tell you, whilst still looking like a style Queen.

We all know about and make use of dry shampoo, but what happens on that fateful day when you spray and nothing comes out?! You need a back up of styles to choose from. 

I decided to take photos of my greasy hair hairstyles - not when my hair looks flawless and I've spent ages perfecting it for you, but when my hair IS greasy and I've actually had to refer to my back-up plans.

The Pony

Simple, easy, sleek and stylish. The Ponytail is something we all do and love, however, there is a thin line between looking chic in a pony and looking like you've been at home ill all week. 

Firstly, you need to decide whether you want to go for a 'messy' pony or a sleek pony - once this is decided then read on:

Messy - tip your head upside-down and brush all of your hair into a top pony at the same time. When you lift your head up you will look crazy, but this is okay - it's all part of the process. Next you need to brush/sort out the front part of your hair - the part that is against your scalp for the pony. Make this section as neat as you can - with no bumps if possible and tie this in place with a bobble (elastic hair band). You should now look as though the front of your hair is stuck to your scalp whilst the ponytail section looks wild. Gently tug on the hair on your scalp, pulling forward from the hair tie. Do this evenly all over your head, ensuring to pull any baby hairs forward - this should all create a very 'messy' feel to your style.

Please see a video by youtube vlogger Zoella for a visual guide on this. 

Sleek - this is much easier. Tightly tie your hair up, ensuring to slick back as much as you can - spray away frizzy areas if you have any although the grease should take care of this for you. Once this is done, straighten the tail section of the ponytail and you're all set.

Tip* it's best to do a ponytail high on your head rather than low when you have greasy or unruly hair.

Half-Up, Half-Down

If you don't feel like tying all your hair back, then these half-up, half-down hairstyles are a good alternative. 

All you need to do is trace your thumbs from the top of your ear to the crown of your head, collecting this area of hair. Then brush into place and secure with a hair tie.

This hairstyle has many variations, from slicked back and straightened, bouncy on the top of your head, incorporating a quiff, or even doing two ponies as I display in the photos above.


This is probably one of my favourite hairstyles on this list.

If you have thick hair then doing these should be a doddle, however, if, like me you have thinner hair then you will need to invest in some mini hair donuts (you can purchase these from Claires, Primark, or kid's sections in other stores).

Following the pony guide above, create two ponytails on the top of your head - slightly lower than where you want the bun to be. Once you've done this, thread each pony through a donut until it reaches your hair tie. 

Wrap your hair around the donut and secure with a hair tie. Use bobby pins/hair pins to manipulate the bun into the shape you want. 

Once this is complete, pull forward baby hairs to create a more relaxed look.


Plaits are a great way to disguise the greasiness of your hair. I find the best options are side-plaits and also pigtails rather than a top of head plait - although if you'd like to do this then follow the ponytail instructions above and turn the tail into a plait. 

If you are unable to do plaits, then please refer to YouTube as there are many instructional videos that would help in that department better than I ever could.

As well as the side-plaits and pigtails, I like to combine the half-up half-down style with braiding. This is a fun style because you control where the braids go and how your style will look overall - as you can see above I vary how this style ends up looking and just have fun placing braids everywhere. 

One tip with these braids, it does tend to look better with curly-greasy hair rather than straight-greasy hair.


Seems obvious, but I feel we often forget about those autumn/winter purchases we made. Hats are a great way to hide greasy hair, but you don't need to just throw on a hat and be done - you can add pigtails, side-plaits, bunches galore to add something extra to your look. 

If it's summer then why not opt for a sports cap or a summer hat? I often feel conscious wearing a sports cap, however, everyone I've seen wearing them can pull them off so dust off that NY Yankees cap and throw it on with confidence, girl! 

I hope this quick list of greasy hair hairstyles has helped you. 

Let me know in the comments if you try any of these looks when you're having a bad hair day or are in a rush! 

Lazy Girl - signing off

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