Pair your Food with your Mood!

2019-09-13 15:35:57/United States

Who said fashion was only Clothing?

recently I have experienced so many different food options that in my opinion go hand in hand with the clothing that we are wearing. 

Give me the benefit of the doubt for a second. 

lets say you and your friends want to go have a nice drink and some cute appetizers. So, are you showing up with some shorts and a tank top? maybe ifyou pair it with some cute heels and a nice blazer over the tank top, but either way, you go above and beyond to look cute even if its is to hang with your friends.

Lets face it!

Even if the night calls for drinks, in the back of your mind you want to make a statement, and you definitely want to be prepared for what ever may come. Sometimes you don't even leave the house, and you host a ladies night in your home; yet and still you do your best to look well put together. 

So what will we pair tonight?

Get some wings and some margaritas ready, with those cute puff thingies that you baked for your mom the other day that your cousin loved and asked for the recipe. Sooner or later, those finger foods will look amazing next to you as you approach the table in your gorgeous red skirt and white blouse. You know the kind.....The one that you wanted to wear for Christmas but you thought it was too fancy, so you decided this night to say (Fancy smanzy) and threw it on. It still may have even had the tags on.

Own the night!

it is up to you the kind of feeling you want to portray throughout the night. You have the control to make it a night to remember, or to just make it seem as though it was just a regular night. No night should feel regular when pairing your food with your favorite items for dinner. I love this concept, and will eventually share with you all how I pair my moods with my style and my food. Remember I am not rich or even well off, so don't expect expert advice on wine and caviar. But you will more or less see my home made dishes and some outside favorites that rocks my world. 

Check out what I love to drink Here

Thank you for reading. 

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