9th of June 2020

Do you ever catch yourself having a nice healthy breakfast and a few hours later you are snacking on chips or a chocolate chip cookie just because you are bored? Story of my life! I struggled for a while between eating healthy meals and unhealthy snacks. Over time I became more conscious of my snacking habits and decided to take action. It all starts with the grocery shopping. Basically, if I don't buy unhealthy snacks I won't eat them. As simple as it sounds, I really tried not to go through the isles that sell these kinds of products and became pickier about the stores I shop as well. General chain markets don't always have healthy options so it's very easy to slip into the old habits just because you can't find what you want. Finding the markets and grocery stores that offer fresh food and healthy snacks is the number one step. The good news is that there are so many healthy options out there that you'll be surprised after you are done reading this article. So, let's dive in

Replace milk chocolate with dark chocolate with nuts

Dark chocolate comes with a lot of health benefits when consumed in moderation. One of them is improved brain function and promotes heart health. When paired with almonds or hazelnuts, it provides you with healthy fats, protein, and fiber that are very filling so you can shut your cravings faster. 


Kale chips is very healthy and the good news is that it's so easy to make at home. Kale is rich in fiber, antioxidants, A, C and K vitamins. It might take you some time to get used to the texture but the more important thing is that you can have health benefits while you're eating chips! Now, how good is that?


Craving something sugary and fast that doesn't inquire preparation? Stay away from the cookies and instead wash a whole piece of fruit and enjoy it. When I have sugar cravings I tend to go for sweeter fruits such as cherries, watermelon, or red apple. You can literally choose any fruit and feel good about eating it. Can you say that about eating cookies? Hm..I don't think so.


This snack makes me so happy. Some people prefer peanut butter instead of almond butter but I love the crunchy kind. A piece of green or red apple with a few scoops of almond butter makes the perfect and effort-free snack for the morning or in the afternoon. 

Veggie bites with hummus

This is probably one of the healthiest snacks out there so eat as much as you want to! I like to make a platter of baby carrots, celery, radishes, bell papers, and broccoli. A few scoops of classic or garlic hummus and you are good to go. If you want to be extra add some olives and olive oil to juice up the rest of the veggies. This is also a great pre-dinner appetizer that you can eat instead of salad. 

Celery Sticks with peanut butter

Cut up 4-5 inches of celery stalks and fill them up with some peanut butter. Super easy and delicious

 fruity Sorbet

Summertimes are ahead of us so if you need a sweet refreshment make sure to reach out for the freezer and pick up sorbet instead of ice-cream. Sorbet has much less calories than a regular milk ice-cream and is water-based so you won't feel heavy at all. Of course, because sorbets are usually high in sugar, make sure to consume in moderation.  

Hard-Boiled Eggs

You might be thinking - Hey we asked for a snack, not for breakfast, but trust me a hard-boiled egg goes a long way between meals. If you are constantly snacking and still feeling hungry, you might be lacking some protein. Hard-boiled eggs are the perfect snack because they contain almost 13 grams of protein and only 156 calories for a serving doze of 2. 

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