Does Lunch Get in Your Way?

Does lunch get in your freaking way?

Is mealtime a hassle because it takes you away from your work and your passion?

Do you constantly grab something quick so you can get back to your laptop as fast as possible?

Do you wish someone would invent liquid nutrition that left you full - so you never had to think about what to cook or where to get it - and made you feel good (instead of crappy) after you eat?

What if you had a someone who could tell you exactly what to eat and when without any brain power expended at all?

What if food was easy and, dare I say, enjoyable?

What if the pleasure of eating caused you to make even more money and have even more impact in your business?

I can promise you this. Hating food, skipping meals and feeling hopelessly frustrated with the whole thing is NOT going to get you to the next level of success in your business.

And frankly, hating food is like hating sex.

What you eat is deeply connected to your health. Food is the key to healing your burnout and relieving your pain so you can embody your full radiance. Ba-boom.

Here are a few ahhh-mazing techniques I share with my high-level clients to make radical shifts in their well-being.

1- Before you devour your food in a frantic rush to “get it down,” so you can get on to all the “doing” and chaos of your day, STOP. Take a moment and close your eyes. Set an intention for your meal. Ask your food to deliver nutrients to all your cells. Next, thank it. Where it came from, how it was prepared, the energy it holds. Pick one thing and actively honor it.

2- With your eyes closed, lean over and smell your food. Light up your olfactory ability. This stimulates your salivary glands to secrete enzymes that aid in the breakdown of nutrients right in your mouth. That ONE thing resets and magnifies the power of your metabolism.

3- Slow down and notice. Take a bite and chew it purposefully, sensually. Experience the flavors, textures and sensations. Slow the F down and really BE present in the details and beautiful drama going on in your mouth and in your body. Get swept up in the experience. 

If an alien came down to the planet to learn about humans, and you were asked to describe the food you were eating in the finest detail - knowing our species depended on it - how would you collect the necessary data to report to the alien? You would take it all in, yes? Eat like that. Make it a new habit.

4- Play with your food. Have some fun. If you are eating with family, then take turns closing your eyes and have someone at the table feed you a bite of your meal and try to guess what it is. Now you can associate play, laughter and wonderment with food.

There you have it: Four simple steps to ditch the mealtime hassle, put your food choices on autopilot and fuel your body and business for the next level of success.

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