1st of June 2020

Vegetarianism might seem trendy nowadays but many cultures have excluded meats from their diet centuries ago. If you are an individual who would like to educate yourself and make a positive change in your eating habits, you've come to the right place. Just remember that whatever your reason to become vegetarian is, stop eating meat is not the only thing that will keep you healthy. It is important to learn about healthy foods and what you should be consuming on a daily basis to get all the nutrients that your body needs. I know a lot of vegans and vegetarians that live on potato chips and processed foods that put their health at even bigger risk. So know that being vegetarian takes time and practice, but knowing that you are doing the right thing for you and for the rest is very rewarding. 

1. You will feel and look healthier

The number one killer in the US is a heart-related disease and it is directly connected to the consumption of meat. Cholesterol and saturated fats that exist in meat clog the arteries and doesn't allow enough oxygen to get through your body. Consuming meat might be a reason why you always feel tired and restless. Speaking from personal experience, I notice a huge difference in my energy levels a few weeks after I stopped consuming meat. My energy would usually drop dramatically after 6 pm and I would spend the rest of my evening half-paralyzed on the couch. Now, I get tired but it's different. I am still able to do all my chores until later in the day and don't feel exhausted when I go to bed.

2. Do good for our planet

After watching two documentaries on Netflix ('What the health?' and 'Cowspiracy') about how the consumption of meat affects our health and planet, I completely changed my perception and attitude toward eating meat. Livestock generates more greenhouse gas than all the trucks and cars in the world combined. Producing meat leads to deforestation and it has an impact on the Amazon forest. How? In order to raise and feed livestock requires a huge amount of water and land to grow food for those animals. Forests are cut to make more space for raising and feeding livestock and the byproduct of that is the emission of carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide gassed, known as the greenhouse gasses. It's best to spend some time and educate yourself on how eating meat really affects our environment and notice how you feel once you have all the facts. 

3. It's good for your financial health

Did you know that on average people save $4000 by becoming vegetarian? Medical insurance companies have given the estimate that on average retired couples will spend a quarter of a million dollars on their health due to diet-related diseases such as heart failure, cancer, diabetes, and osteoporosis. So why eating meat when we can be healthy literally and financially? 

4. A whole new world of meals and recipes

Cooking veggies is so easy and satisfying. Seeing all the beautiful colors on my plate brings me so much happiness and I feel good about my eating habits. There are so many veggie-based recipes out there that it will make you never look back and reach out for meat. I use Pinterest as a major source of finding breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals but just a quick google search will open a whole new world of recipes that I guarantee you'll enjoy cooking. 

5. Help reduces famine

40% of the land used in the US is used for feeding livestock and NOT for people. Ok, now let that sink in a little bit. It is shocking to me that so much food is used for animals just so they can be killed when they reach a certain maturity. On the other hand, so many people, especially the youngest ones die from hunger every 4 seconds. If all the grain used to feed the livestock was instead used to feed people, starvation will be reduced by 800 million people. 

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