Pore Strip Method for Best Results

Dayna Taketa
2019-02-28 04:15:16/
Here's my secret for getting all the gunk out of your pores! 

This is perfect for those who live in warmer, more humid areas since I've noticed that pore strips tend to be less effective (for me) in those climates. I'm the type of person who uses a pore strip and close to nothing will come out, but without fail, this method has gotten nearly every single blackhead out of my nose. I've linked the products that I use below (They're all very affordable, and how can you go wrong with Amazon Prime?).

You Will Need:Pore Strips - I use the Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips (The Ultra Deep Cleansing Strips work well too!)
Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay 
Hot Washcloth/Mini Clothes Steamer (Mine looks like this one here and it really is also great for clothes)
Your Favorite Face Wash How to: 
Remove all make up and wash nose with face wash. You want to remove as much excess oil as possible. 
Steam those pores! You want your pores to be totally open so the clay will be able to work its magic. I personally use a travel sized clothes steamer, since that seems to work better for me.  While your pores are steaming, mix roughly a tablespoon of the clay powder with enough warm water to have a thick consistency. It should be similar to sculpting clay or modeling clay. Plaster the clay mix onto your nose. It needs to be thick, like you're making a cast. Let it harden. You'll feel the oil being pulled from your skin. Remove the clay and wash off the remaining clay with hot water. Steam again. Immediately apply pore strip. I add some extra water on top to make sure it's really stuck on there. Let it dry and remove slowly. Don't forget to pull upwards! Voila! Rinse with warm water then use cool water and a toner to close your pores. 

This is the best solution to those stubborn blackheads on your nose. It works on your chin as well, but it's a little tricky trying to get the clay to stay on. Share with all your friends because this is a secret I don't intend on keeping to myself! 

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