I Use Glossier Bubblewrap Eye Cream And These Are My Results

12th of June 2020

If you know me, you’ll know my obsession with products that minimize dark under-eye circles. Over the past few years, I became very self-conscious about having dark under eyes that always made me look tired. For most of us, dark circles are genetic but don't lose hope because there is a way to treat them.

There are a few factors that can cause the formation of dark circles under your eyes. The most common ones are lack of sleep, not enough water consumed throughout the day, and too much time spent in front of blue lights. I do recommend that you check all the others off your list in order to get the best and lasting effect. Even though it is impossible to completely avoid any contact with a blue light screen, try avoiding it if you have an important event where you have to look your best.

Another important thing to mention, which is also the main purpose of this blog, is eye cream, eye cream, eye cream! It is so important to use a separate product that has a specific eye formula and it is not going to be harsh on your skin. I try to keep my eye area moisturized and hydrated as much as possible because my under eyes are very sensitive. This is the product I find the most soothing and hydrating at the moment: Glossier Bublewrap Eye + Lip Cream is a moisturizer I’ve been using for a couple of months. It takes a very short time to absorb into your skin and you will notice plumpness and freshness right away. You should avoid getting it too close to your eyes but if you do there is no burning or uncomfortable feeling at all. I like to apply it under concealer and before I apply lipstick. It’s great under makeup because it doesn’t flake at all. I also apply a thick layer before going to bed as it has the best effect on your skin while you sleep. It basically fragrance-free but you might notice a very settled natural smell. I would say that it is priced fairly based on the size and quality of the product. So if you are looking for an eye product that will provide intense hydration with an instant and lasting effect, I definitely recommend you trying the Glossier Bublewrap.

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