Karen Or
2019-08-13 12:05:46/Israel

I saw this denim skirt on Kendall Jenner in an article in Vogue a few months back. I fell in love with the skirt and instantly clicked through to see the details. I had a feeling I could try to make it myself and bookmarked it to try for later. When I started planning it out I realized it would be a bit of work but in the end I managed! All you have to do is take two old pairs of jeans and put them together in patches. Meaning, the first step is deconstructing the denim so that you have 4 pieces: the right front, right back, left front and left back. After you do that you have 8 pieces so you just rearrange them in a way that fits the pattern here. You can also zoom into the image of Kendall Jenner to see how it is there. I thought it would be hard to sew the denim on denim in my sewing machine but actually it wasn't that bad. The hard part was connecting the top and bottom pieces with a perfect seam because that is what would be seen from the front. The rest is pretty straightforward and actually there is not much work because the hems are left raw and deconstructed including the slit in the front and back. I was so pleased with how this came out I wear this skirt all the time! It goes perfectly with a crop top like I'm wearing here or a bodysuit. Hope you love it, too. I've added the DIY video I made for my YouTube channel below. Message me if you have any question or comments! Until next time xx Karen

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