Britain’s Best Ballerinas ‘Do’ Coral

Get into the in-colour of summer 2019 with Cocorose London, Britain’s best and most comfortable ballerina and shoe brand, which has three glorious coral shoes to either match your coral outfits or set off your little white S/S19 wardrobe to perfection.

Cocorose London has just launched its exquisite new coral ‘Pimlico’ ballerina (£90), with curves in all the right places and an intricate textured upper, crafted from soft, premium leather. The toe is slightly tapered, whilst a concealed 1.5cm wedge heel, gives elegant elevation.

This gorgeous ballerina is totally accommodating to the feet, delivering a sensation of summer freedom and a spring in the step. It is also delightfully designed and delivers deep joy when it comes to wearability.

The latter is down to the superior comfort zones within Cocorose London shoes, also to be found in its two new coral ‘Clapham’ loafers (£105). These come in a deeper coral hue than Pimlico and are formed from soft, hand-woven, leather strands, which again deliver a textured feel to the shoes. The difference between the two loafer options is the width of the leather strands, with the Clapham Coral 2.0 having a wider leather strand and weave.

The zonal comfort within a Cocorose London shoe is found in all the places from which foot agony can emanate – the balls of the feet, the arch of the foot, the heel and the areas on the bridge of the foot where the shoe’s fabric comes into contact with tender skin.

Every Cocorose London shoe distinguishes itself in the comfort stakes by having double-cushioned insoles that protect the foot’s tender undercarriage and provide a little more bounce. Deep-pillowed heel sections prevent rubbing and blisters and leathers are the softest and most supple to be found, so naturally gentle on the skin. Finally, every part of the shoe is handcrafted and designed to move in harmony with the natural movement of the feet.

All three of Cocorose’s coral shoes are designed as a hybrid, so in addition to being your everyday wear shoes, they also have the added ability to fold into their complimentary black travel purse, for easy portability and lightweight packing. 

To encourage more women to recognise that Cocorose is for every day and not just for crisis, the shoes arrive wrapped in tissue-paper, housed inside a sophisticated black and gold presentation box. The purse is in there, however, on-hand for whenever the flats are to be taken on their travels, be that in a handbag, suitcase or car glove-compartment.

Head to to choose your coral comfies or any of the other in the range of stunning shoes that make the brand the legitimate home of Britain’s best ballerinas.

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