Raised in a family of a thriving entrepreneur, I have been strongly inspired by the role model set by my father. However since the age of sixteen, my interest in his activities primarily shifted to the field of Marketing. My career grew after working with the world-wide known brands like Mobil 1, Hilton, Jaguar Land Rover, BMW, Mastercard, Pfizer, Ogilvy, Nike, and Lancome. Such diversity of the companies helped me to expand my knowledge in the marketing field along with establishing my name as a unique and open-minded specialist in the area, which keeps my professional inertia towards the new goals and projects I strive to accomplish. However, I have never experienced as a Marketing Strategist in the innovating and high-flying start-up. The idea of creating something completely new and innovative that can change people’s lives was very very attractive to me.

As you, guys, now. Our thoughts create our reality. A few months later I met a passionate startup founder - Sofia. And this startup was BFROW. After mutually falling in love with each other we have decided to work together on the project we are both highly believe in.

Here at BFROW, we are building the largest community of creatives in Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle. It is an online networking platform not only for creative talents and professionals but for brands and dynamic companies. Our goal is to bring together driven creativity in one place. We are working on simplifying the processes of networking, collaborating, getting hired, and being informed on all the current and upcoming events of the industry. Sounds intriguing, right?

Today, I want to share with you a very personal story about why being a driven marketing strategist for start-up or technology-oriented businesses with high growth potential is much more interesting.

The main essence of our platform is to help people to make their work and social life convenient. But these are not just words, we hope that we can change the way creative people communicate. That’s why we have decided to make such a platform that will help the user save time on searching for people to collaborate. Our exclusive tool - finder helps to «filter» people and helps you to find an exact person for your project.

Startup marketing is significantly different from marketing in a regular company. Most often in companies, I came across the fact that you need to create ads, think over a development strategy, and implement advertising projects. Here you can try new distribution channels, as well as new ways of researching and gaining consumers. By experimenting, we get the most optimal result. Here they are all the delights of a startup!

A startup opens up opportunities for self-learning because here you can act creatively and not adhere to a specific marketing plan. Of course, in an ordinary company, there are opportunities for training, but they are extremely limited by the company and the position held.

So here is my short personal story. I hope it was useful to you.

Sending much love,


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