3 disruptive digitally native vertical brands

11th of October 2019

Fashion industry have dramatically changed during the last 5 years, new business models as digitally native vertical brands start to win the market. Fashion entrepreneurs are building their brands almost entirely via Instagram, and E-commerce drive out brick-and-mortar stores, number of which are filing for bankruptcy. There are brands, which are worth to pay attention to. These brands of the future, because of their innovative execution in missions, marketing strategies, supply and value chains, finance models and so on. 


Known for the most comfortable shoes in the world made from sustainable materials. It is a certified B-corp, means that this company meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. 

Allbirds use a direct-to-consumer business model like most of digitally native vertical brands do. It means the company doing sales through their own website and their own retail stores and don’t sell to third-party wholesalers.

Their first shoe was the Wool Runner, which is made from New Zealand superfine merino wool and they continue to use this material. Just last year they also invented shoes made from trees using a textile made from Eucalyptus pulp. Co-founder and CEO of the brand Tim Brown came up to idea of launching the brand while was looking for the sneakers without any logos on them. According to him there was a gap in the market for the shoes with simple design. Besides the fact they are very comfortable they are also apparently affordable - 95$ a pair. Brown doesn’t connect the company’s success to social media marketing or targeted Instagram ads, but more to the company’s sustainability mission together with a simple and comfortable design.


2. Glossier 

Glossier is a direct-to-consumer beauty company, that have built their community around the beauty and skincare products. They leverages content and customer engagement to create a great shopping experience.

Founder of the Glossier Emily Weiss launched her company on the base of her beauty blog - Into The Gloss, which already had its followers, interested in such type of products. But Glossier gained its success due to several points which are - targeting the millennials, using the millennial color in all its branding, direct-to-consumer model which gives an opportunity to release products at an affordable prices, customer centric business approach and engaging content which inspire customers to carry out the conversation. They have only 2 brick-and-mortar stores and more then 2 million followers in Instagram. Their social media strategy build on real people pictures and video tutorials how to use their products and moreover on engaging customers to discuss all their beauty issues in the comments.

They are focusing on the customer so much that I was really impressed when I ordered some of their products online and when I didn’t like them, they totally refunded me the amount I spent and proposed me to leave these products and present them to a friend as an option. The surprising fact that I started to use one of that products - gold highlighter "haloscope" and lately even become in love with it. As a result I bought the second one and become their customers. 



This Ukrainian fashion brand was born online in 2017 and have been founded by Perfilieva Dina and Kostya Omelya. Addressing the fast-changing pace of fashion, they launched T-dress with new business model, by cutting out the middleman and relying on prioritizing in-house online retail, building engaged community in social media, and developing strong relations with influencers.

It is the first digitally native vertical brand of party-dresses for those, who love to stand out from the crowd and just want to have fun. T-dress is for girls who are expecting more to enjoy the party and had a fun time with friends then to find a match at the event. 

The idea of the brand is based on one type of product which is eye-catching dress, made from oversized T-shirt and decorated by hand with fancy decor. Its main value proposition is special cut, which makes any figure type looks perfect. So, body positivity is in its roots and DNA. Girls love the brand for its original design, comfort and special feeling of the party which shares the brand with its consumers. Owing to the direct-to-consumer business model the dresses are relatively affordable (the core price is 200$) and at the same time they look high fashion. Brand uses high quality materials and one of the signature ones is ostrich feathers, which make the dress look spectacular, chic and fluffy. 

T-dress release new drops almost every month and because of its unique production method, they can respond to customer demand in real time and restock sold out styles. This idea centered around the constructor dress which consist of 3 elements: cotton t-shirt, decor and hem. It is very easy to customize it and when the order is received the team start the production process which lasts from 30 minutes to 1 hour combining all parts of the dress together. 

So, if “party never ends” in your heart look no further to find vivid eye-catching dress for your next going out.


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